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  • Governing Agile with Architecture

    At the Agile Governance conference in Amsterdam Jan van Santbrink presented how architecture when used with an agile mindset can play a key role in governance. InfoQ interviewed Jan about why agile and architecture need to collaborate, how architecture can support agile decision taking and the benefits for development of doing architecture.

  • Navigating the Maze of EA Certifications

    There are over a dozen Enterprise Architecture certifications available and they are becoming increasingly critical when hiring and evaluating architects. Microsoft’s Mike Walker categorized these certifications into a Reference Guide that can help architects better understand which certification(s) to pursue.

  • Integration of SABSA Security Architecture Approaches with TOGAF ADM

    Security architecture has always been considered a separate discipline from enterprise architecture which has led to piecemeal strategies and consequently increased exposure to security vulnerabilities. By integrating SABSA concepts into the TOGAF framework, architects can leverage a risk driven enterprise architecture approach that addresses security concerns driven by business requirements.

  • EA as a Catalyst for Innovation

    Melvin Greer, a senior fellow at Lockheed Martin, challenged enterprise architects to drive EA as an enabler of innovation at various talks and most notably in his interview with Government Computer News. InfoQ spoke with Melvin Greer to clarify his vision of enterprise architecture and its impact on the relationship between IT and business.

  • Is Enterprise Architecture Suitable for Small Businesses?

    Enterprise Architecture (EA) is considered a mandatory tool for big companies, those which can afford the required human and financial resources to use it. But some question that assumption affirming that EA is for SMBs too.

  • New SOA Governance Framework and Service Integration Maturity Model at the Open Group

    The Open Group released last week two new industry standards: The Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM) and SOA Governance Framework.

  • The Open Group SOA Source Book

    Last month the Open Group made available their SOA Source Book. They describe it as “a collection of source material produced by the SOA Working Group for use by enterprise architects working with Service-Oriented Architecture”

  • TOGAF 9 Released

    The Open Group announces the availability of version TOGAF (The Open Group Architectural Framework) Version 9.

  • Partitioned-Iterative more appropriate for EA than Zachman, TOGAF?

    Roger Sessions claims that the most popular EA frameworks (Zachman, TOGAF, FEA, and Gartner) have failed to evolve to the needs of today's more complex development needs. Instead, Sessions proposes a 'Partitioned-Iterative' Approach that reduces complexity through partitioning an organization in smaller pieces, rather than defining the architecture for the whole company at once.