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  • HashiCorp Enhances Consul with Topology Maps and Improved Kubernetes Integrations

    Hashicorp has announced the beta release of Consul 1.9, adding new features to their service mesh platform. This release includes enhancements to the intentions model to support Layer 7 constructs, new visualizations for verifying configurations, and custom resources for Kubernetes.

  • DOES London: Team Topologies and Cognitive Load

    At the DevOps Enterprise Summit in London this year, authors of the soon-to-be-published 'Team Topologies', a book that aims to offer a practical, adaptive model for organisational design, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, took to the stage to share their thoughts with the audience.

  • A Comparison of Mapping Approaches for Distributed Cloud Applications

    An application map is a topology view of the components of a distributed application and the network or interprocess interactions between them. A recent article gives an overview of application mapping approaches adopted by various tools like AppDynamics, OpenTracing and Netsil.

  • Article: Distributed JBI

    Officially, the JBI (Java Business Integration) standard is limited to a single Java Virtual Machine (JVM) instance. In a new article, Sun's Derek Frankforth describes and contrasts the strengths and weaknesses two different styles of setting up a distributed JBI topology using OpenESB, and shows how they complement each other in the end.