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Java Follow 1167 Followers Typesafe Changes Name to Lightbend by Matt Raible Follow 13 Followers Posted on Mar 10, 2016

Followers Typesafe Stack Adopts Play Framework by Rick Hightower Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 08, 2011 1

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Followers Mini-talks: Deterministic Testing, Typesafe Config, Spreads v Probe, & Real-Time Event-Driven by E. Pederson Follow 0 Followers , M. Rezaei Follow 0 Followers , A. Falck Follow 0 Followers , B. Brodie Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jul 31, 2015 Small sessions on: Deterministic testing in a non deterministic world by Arturo Falck. Hash Spreads and Probe Functions: A Choice of Performance and Consistency by Mohammad Rezaei. Typesafe Config on Steroids by Eric Pederson. Real-Time Distributed Event-Driven Computing at Credit Suisse by Bill Brodie.

Followers Enabling Microservice Architectures with Scala by Kevin Scaldeferri Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jul 22, 2013 Kevin Scaldeferri reports on using Scala for an SBT plug-in, for unit and functional testing, type-safe shared configuration using Zookeeper, and live inventory with WebSocket and Akka Actors.