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  • Goodbye, CardSpace; Hello, U-Prove!

    Last week, Microsoft announced: the cancellation Version 2.0 of its Windows CardSpace identity service, thus deprecating CardSpace; and the immediate availability of Release 2 of the Community Technology Preview of its U-Prove identity service. These announcements are just the latest moves in Microsoft's decade-long struggle to solve the Internet's "identity problem."

  • U-Prove Offers Security while Protecting Privacy

    Microsoft has open sourced U-Prove CTP, a cryptographic solution technology used for performing authentication without disclosing personal information about the user. The CTP contains U-Prove Cryptographic Specification V1.0, a C# and a Java reference implementation of the specification, extensions for WIF, AD FS 2 and CardSpace 2, plus a number of whitepapers explaining the technology.