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  • InfoQ Virtual Panel: A Practical Approach to Serverless Computing

    Add serverless computing to the growing list of options developers have when building software. Serverless products—more accurately referred to as Functions-as-a-Service—offer incredible simplicity, but at a cost. To learn more about this exciting space and the practical implications, InfoQ reached out to three experienced technologists.

  • Virtual Panel: Data Science, ML, DL, AI and the Enterprise Developer

    InfoQ caught up with experts in the field to demystify the different topics surrounding AI, and how enterprise developers can leverage them today and thereby render their solutions more intelligently.

  • Virtual Panel: Microservices in Practice

    Microservices have gone from development practices for the select few to something many developers in a range of organisations are embracing. Some believe that technologies that can assist with developing and adopting microservices are ineffective without associated changes within the organisations. We spoke with panelists to get different perspectives on the state of the art with microservices.

  • Virtual Panel: What's Next for .NET?

    A lot happened in the last year in the .NET ecosystem. Putting aside the details, the bigger picture is difficult to grasp. There is movement in all aspects: cross-platform, cloud, mobile, web apps and universal apps. Developers wonder where all of this is going to lead and what will be required to get there.

  • Virtual Panel: Document and Description Formats for Web APIs

    In this virtual panel we hear from 4 individuals deeply involved in the Web API space. Each of them has a unique take on the values, benefits, and costs of documentation and description formats in general, and provide their own unique perspective from their vantage points across the Web. They agree on one thing: something must be done to help developers find their way through the world of Web APIs

  • Virtual Panel on Bimodal IT

    Bimodal IT has been supported by many and criticized by many. InfoQ reached out to enterprise experts to dig deeper into the pros and cons of this strategy and how/when/if is it applicable.

  • Virtual Panel: Current State of NoSQL Databases

    NoSQL databases have been around for several years now and have become a choice of data storage for managing semi-structured and unstructured data. These databases offer lot of advantages in terms of linear scalability and better performance for both data writes and reads. InfoQ spoke with four panelists to get different perspectives on the current state of NoSQL databases.

  • Virtual Panel: The Current State of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

    Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is becoming a mainstream way of connecting mobile, SaaS, IoT, and Big Data systems. This Virtual Panel focuses on some of the current trends in iPaaS and where this model of delivering integration services is headed. InfoQ has reached out to thought leaders from MuleSoft, SnapLogic and Microsoft to participate in this dialogue.

  • Virtual Panel: Real-world JavaScript MVC Frameworks

    JavaScript front-end codebases grow larger and more difficult to maintain. As a way to solve this issue developers have been turning to MVC frameworks which promise increased productivity and maintainable code. InfoQ asked the opinion of experts practitioners about how they use these frameworks and the best practices they follow when developing JavaScript applications.

  • Virtual Panel: State of the Art in JavaScript Unit Testing

    Unit testing is a commonly accepted practice in order to deliver maintainable code. This is especially true for a dynamic language like JavaScript and there are currently several frameworks and libraries for a team to choose from. InfoQ had a Q&A with the creators of some of the leading JavaScript unit testing frameworks about their projects and what they offer to developers.

  • Virtual Panel: How to Survive Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript

    Using callback-passing for asynchronous actions does not compose very well and might create complex flows of passing callbacks around to handle return values. The JavaScript community is aware of this and has come up with several libraries to deal with it. In this virtual panel, InfoQ has interviewed the creators of the most popular of these libraries.

  • Virtual Panel: The State of the Art in Mobile Web Application Development

    To assess the state of the art in mobile web application development, InfoQ has conducted a virtual panel with the creators of some of the most popular libraries, toolkits and frameworks that target this field.