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  • .NET Micro Framework Adds VS2013 Support

    The .NET Micro Framework has a new release which adds support for Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio "14". This Framework powers devices that Microsoft intends to build the "Internet of Things" and similar hardware-centric devices like the Raspberry Pi.

  • ASP.NET vNext Projects Get Simpler

    ASP.NET vNext alpha3 was released along with the Visual Studio "14" CTP3. Several interesting changes are around ASP.NET projects - simpler project files, ability to specify build event handlers, cleaner source folders and more.

  • Visual Studio "14" CTP2 Adds ASP.NET and IDE Features

    Visual Studio "14" continues to display new features, with the latest CTP providing a look at productivity enhancements to the editor that benefit all languages as well as providing access to ASP.NET vNext.

  • Visual Studio "14" Sharpens Focus on Modern C++

    Visual Studio "14" Plans Improved C++11/C++14 compliance. As part of the this effort big changes are being made to the Standard Template Library bundled with "14".