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  • The Management View of Agile - Unaware or Unwilling?

    A series of recent articles by Steve Denning on Forbes have highlighted the challenges that the Agile community faces to get acceptance by mainstream management.

  • Drilling Down Into Agile Success Factors

    Scott W. Ambler provides some analysis on the latest Agile State of the Art survey. InfoQ follows up with some other insights and questions.

  • Real IT Project Success in 2011

    Scott Ambler published the results of his annual IT project success survey, in which he examined the impact of methodology on project outcome. He looked at five different "development paradigms" and how they influence project outcome: ad-hoc, iterative, traditional/waterfall, agile and lean. Ambler's definition of success is deliberately subjective - how did the customer feel about the outcome?

  • Agility Meets Austerity

    As western governments struggle with difficult debt to GDP ratios, the UK is turning to innovation and agile practices to help create a more efficient and less risky IT project delivery framework.

  • DeMarco Reflects on 40 Years of Software Engineering Evolution

    40 years after the NATO Conference on Software Engineering, Tom DeMarco paused to reflect on the discipline's evolution, wondering whether the metrics orientation he championed has distracted from the real point of computing: "transformation, creating software that changes the world." Is his earlier advice valid, though? "No", he said, in Software Engineering: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone?

  • The Dire Consequences of Fixed Price Projects

    In a recent newsletter, Scott Ambler looked at why fixed price projects tend to overrun and often fail to solve the business problems they set out to conquer. Scott named the key problems in fixed price projects, identified the bad habits they encourage for customers and developers, and ended with a call to revisit how we fund our IT projects, offering an alternative.

  • InfoQ Interview: Jim Johnson, Creator of the CHAOS Chronicles

    InfoQ editor Deborah Hartmann interviewed the creator of the CHAOS Chronicles, Standish Group founder and chairman Jim Johnson. The Standish Group's statistics on project failure are widely quoted, as they have been since the first survey results came out in 1994. Jim spoke with Deborah about his research, and the role of Agile in changing the IT industry.


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