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What is the Web? by Mark Little Posted on Dec 07, 2014 2 Forrester CEO: The Web is a Software Architecture and the App Internet is the Next Wave by Michael Stal Posted on Dec 09, 2011 1 Movements in Mobile Web by Alex Blewitt Posted on Aug 22, 2011
Web 3.0 - Cult or Culture? by Michael Stal Posted on Jul 02, 2011 1 CoffeeScript - JavaScript the Good Parts by Michael Hunger Posted on Aug 05, 2010 7 Benefits Of Running Enterprise SOA Initiatives Like A Startup by Dilip Krishnan Posted on Feb 25, 2010
Real Time Web And Cloud Management Standards by Dilip Krishnan Posted on Feb 18, 2010 1 Presentation: Gluing together the Web via the Facebook Platform by Dave West Posted on Jun 09, 2009 1 REST is a style -- WOA is the architecture. by Dave West Posted on Jun 08, 2009 3
Gizmox Releases Visual WebGui 6.4 Preview Version by Dave West Posted on May 27, 2009 Applying SOA Lessons to Web 2.0 Implementations by Boris Lublinsky Posted on Feb 07, 2009 Zoho Applications Can Be Deployed on Google App Engine by Abel Avram Posted on Dec 17, 2008
Why has the Web become the Default Development Platform? by Dio Synodinos Posted on Nov 28, 2008 13 More on Granite Data Service's with Project Founder Franck Wolff by Jon Rose Posted on Oct 20, 2008 5 Adobe Releases Flash 10 by Jon Rose Posted on Oct 15, 2008
Flex Testing with FlexMonkey by Jon Rose Posted on Oct 13, 2008 Deep Linking in Flex with URLKit by Jon Rose Posted on Oct 13, 2008 FlexChart: Flash Charting Application for AJAX by Jon Rose Posted on Oct 06, 2008 1
Overview of the Appcelerator RIA Platform by Jon Rose Posted on Sep 07, 2008 2 John Resig on TraceMonkey and the future of JavaScript-based RIAs by Dio Synodinos Posted on Sep 01, 2008 1 Near C Performance for RIAs with Next Generation Mozilla JavaScript Engine by Dio Synodinos Posted on Aug 30, 2008 3
Robert Bell on Java and Silverlight Interop by James Vastbinder Posted on Aug 08, 2008 3 Designing for Spam: A Challenge for the Web? by Sadek Drobi Posted on Jun 06, 2008 Nexaweb contributes code to the Dojo JavaScript Toolkit by Dio Synodinos Posted on Jun 03, 2008
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Hypermedia in RESTful applications by Mark Baker Posted on Jan 28, 2008 One of the constraints defined for the architectural style known as REST is "hypermedia as the engine of application state". Mark Baker, well-known for being one of the first who advocated the REST style instead of the mainstream web services approach, discusses that the hypermedia constraints means in practice and why it is essential to RESTful design. 11

Web Services Guru Dr. Frank Leymann on SOA by Stefan Tilkov Posted on Aug 14, 2006 Frank Leymann is a full professor at the University of Stuttgart and co-author of many Web Service specifications, including WSFL, WS-Addressing, WS-Metadata Exchange, and the WS-Resource Framework set of specifications. He was one of the driving forces behind BPEL4WS. InfoQ's Stefan Tilkov talks to Dr Leymann about SOA research, REST, Web Services and other important topics for SOA.

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