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Survey claims growing bond between SOA and BPM

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Sep 11, 2007

The survey shows that BPM and SOA are still loosely coupled within IT organizations. It is only when an organization reaches higher levels of maturity that both plays a complementary role in projects. However, the relationship is growing and customers are increasingly requesting an integrated product suite.

Commentary on Software AG/webMethods Acquisition

by Stefan Tilkov on  Apr 10, 2007

InfoQ had a chance to talk to Anne Thomas Manes, research director with Burton Group, about Software AG's acquisition of webMethods.

Software AG Acquires webMethods

by Stefan Tilkov on  Apr 05, 2007 3

Software AG has announced its (planned) acquisition of webMethods, Inc., for approximately $546 million. The new company aims to become a major player in the crowded SOA vendor arena.

Presentation: SOA Masterclass - SOA Definitions and Patterns

by Floyd Marinescu on  Feb 27, 2007 2

Miko Matsumura teaches SOA Foundations: Definitions, Patterns, and evolution toward SOA. The video is an excerpt from webMethods SOA Masterclass taught recently in San Francisco. Miko teaches consumer, producer, and governance patterns.

webMethods Joins the Interop Vendor Alliance

by Floyd Marinescu on  Jan 20, 2007

webMethods has announced that it has joined the Interop Vendor Alliance. webMethods will be working with Microsoft, the initiator of this collaborative effort, and other key vendors, including BEA Systems, CA, EMC, GXS, Software AG, and Sun Microsystems, to simplify integration and improve interoperability with Microsoft-based solutions.

webMethods acquires Infravio

by Stefan Tilkov on  Sep 11, 2006 6

BPM and integration vendor webMethods will acquire SOA registry provider Infravio for US $38 million in cash.