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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: SOA Masterclass - SOA Definitions and Patterns

Presentation: SOA Masterclass - SOA Definitions and Patterns

Miko Matsumura teaches SOA Foundations: Definitions, Patterns, and evolution toward SOA. The video is an excerpt from webMethods SOA Masterclass taught recently in San Francisco.

Watch: SOA Masterclass: Definitions and Patterns (37:33 min)

In the presentation, Miko covers the following patterns:

Consumer Patterns
  • Service Discovery Pattern
  • The Service Consumption Pattern
Provider Patterns
  • Service Registration Pattern
  • The Service Provider Pattern
Governance Patterns
  • The Management (run time) Pattern
  • The Validation (design time) Pattern
SOA Master Classes, organized by WebMethods, are educational courses to help ensure that organizations for SOA, held across Europe and North America. For the complete courses and more free SOA education, check out

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Community comments

  • we've got a ton of content on the site now...

    by miko matsumura,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    This was recorded at the SOA Master Class in San Francisco.

    We now have the downloadable SOA Registry Repository from Infravio at

    so hope you stop by...


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