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  • Embed Python, Ruby, and XAML directly into your HTML with Gestalt

    JavaScript is a language that is showing its age. A lot of developers now prefer to work with languages like Ruby or Python, falling back on JavaScript only for the browser. Sure there were attempts to support other languages in the browser like VBScript, but they never really took off. Well Microsoft is trying again, this time with Python and Ruby.

  • Gizmox Releases Visual WebGui 6.4 Preview Version

    Gizmox announces the release of a free preview version of its Visual WebGui, version 6.4, product. VWG promises a point-and-click tool for RIA development (DHTML or Silverlight) that requires no HTML, CSS, or XAML coding; and that can be integrated with Photoshop, Expression Blend, and Flash CS.

  • Presentation: Building Rich Internet Applications in Silverlight 2

    Silverlight 2 is a cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in and runtime for building rich internet applications. Mike Taulty walks through Silverlight basics such as the XAML UI Model and progresses to building applications with both Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Studio.

  • Microsoft is to Release Open-Source Compatible XAML/WPF Specs

    Microsoft has released an early draft of the specifications for XAML and WPF under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise. This offers patent protection for implementers against claims by Microsoft, allowing open source projects to use the specifications.

  • New Thin Server Architecture and SOFEA Working Group Web Site Launched

    Peter Svensson, Ganesh Prasad, and Mario Valente have teamed up to create the Thin Server Architecture Working Group and launched a web site. The site included several resources about Thin Server Architecture and Service Oriented Front End Applications (SOFEA) as well as insight into the philosophy behind the technology.

  • Moonlight Milestone Reached: Silverlight Chess

    The Moonlight project has reached the point where it can run the Silverlight Chess demo application. This represents a major milestone for the Mono team who are racing to keep up with Microsoft's Silverlight project.

  • The Buzz on Acropolis

    On June 5, David Hill of Microsoft announced the coming of a new client application development framework code-named Acropolis. The intent is to ship in one year's time a set of components and tools to ease the development of complex many-screened modular client applications on the .NET Framework. How did the community react?

  • WPF/E is Now Silverlight

    With much fanfare, Microsoft has announced Silverlight, a new cross-platform, browser independent runtime designed based on XAML and JavaScript with the potential to go head to head with Adobe Flash.

  • Is XML the Future of UI Development?

    Or is it JavaScript? A common trend in the new crop of desktop UI frameworks is that they are XML based with some sort of support for JavaScript. We take a brief look at AJAX, WPF/XAML, Flex/MXML, and Firefox’s Gran Paradiso.