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InfoQ Homepage News Moonlight Milestone Reached: Silverlight Chess

Moonlight Milestone Reached: Silverlight Chess


On Monday it was announced that Jackson of the Mono project was able to successfully run Silverlight Chess on Moonlight.

Microsoft's Silverlight is a platform-independent runtime designed to run in a browser. It is considered to be a direct challenge to Flash. Version 1 runs XAML and Jscript, Microsoft's version of ECAMScript. While it is barely in the release candidate stage, version 1.1 is already being talked about. This offers a minimal version of the Common Language Runtime or CLR.

Currently however Silverlight is only planned for OS X/Intel and Windows. In order to keep Linux users in the loop, the Mono team has taken on the challenge of porting Silverlight 1.1 to the Mono platform. The project, known as Moonlight, is a major endeavor covering a lot of Microsoft API's including Windows Presentation Foundation.

Originally, Moonlight was only going to support Silverlight 1.1, but according to Miguel de Icaza they will get Silverlight 1.0 support as well.

Silverlight Chess, it represents a major performance breakthrough for Microsoft and is something they are very proud of. In addition to playing a normal game of chess against a human player, users can configure it to play against itself using both classic JScript and .NET. Many users have witnessed the .NET AI processing nodes approximately 1,000 times faster than Internet Explorer's JScript.

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