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  • Automating Platform Upgrades at eBay

    eBay recently provided insights into their adoption of a pipeline-driven automation solution, enabling them to achieve continuous updates to their framework and infrastructure. The solution architecture has the potential to become more versatile as it adopts a pluggable and loosely coupled approach, allowing for easier extensibility.

  • Dynatrace Application Security Gates Catalyze Secure Automated Releases

    Dynatrace recently announced the availability of “security gates” on its software intelligence platform. Organizations can now use Dynatrace Application Security gates to check security vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle and trigger required remediation actions.

  • O11ycon Discusses Benefits and Challenges of Observability

    The first o11ycon provides a comprehensive look at the emerging concept of observability in software and systems which allow people to understand if things are working as expected, and to diagnose problems and identify solutions.

  • Microsoft Introduces Azure Availability Zones, Completes MAREA Transatlantic Connection

    In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced the expansion of High Availability (HA) and resiliency options for customers. The update comes in the form of Azure Availability Zones which increase the availability of certain Azure services within a specific region by providing complete redundancy and isolation of the infrastructure. Azure Availability Zones include a financially-backed SLA of 99.99%.

  • Amazon Adds Target Tracking Support for EC2 Auto Scaling

    Auto Scaling cloud resources is nothing new in AWS. However, Amazon recently announced a new Target Tracking policy that gives customers more granular control over how their application scales. Target Tracking policies allow an administrator to target a specific metric that will drive how and when the EC2 resources will scale.

  • Surviving Success

    Teams rarely consider success as a mode of failure, but not preparing for exceeding their goals can be just as dangerous as ignoring basic software and infrastructure needs. Mark Simms and Mark Souza discuss anti-patterns they've seen and some of the best ways to architect to win in spite of your own success.