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The Bug Hunt Is On

Posted by Samantha Connelly  on  Oct 07, 2018 1 Posted by Samantha Connelly Follow 0 Followers  on  Oct 07, 2018 1

Samantha Connelly discusses five activities that can be run in a business to engage more people in the bug hunting efforts: bug bashes, bug bounties, quality guild, dogfooding, and soap opera testing.

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Git Gud with Property-Based Testing

Posted by Katie Cleary  on  Sep 24, 2018 Posted by Katie Cleary Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 24, 2018

Katie Cleary describes her experience in using Property-based Testing as a way to find casting and overflow bugs in PolySync’s Open Source Car Control (OSCC) project.


Effective Use of FindBugs in Large Software Development Efforts

Posted by Bill Pugh  on  Mar 28, 2012 2 Posted by Bill Pugh Follow 0 Followers  on  Mar 28, 2012 2

William Pugh explains how to use FindBugs, a Java static code analysis tool, to discover bugs. The talk covers general issues regarding code bugs with advice on how to make sure you get rid of them.