Chef Sugar Aims to Enhance Chef's Recipes Authoring Experience

by João Miranda Follow 2 Followers on  Jan 13, 2014

Chef Sugar is an extension to Chef that offers DSL methods to make more readable recipes. Seth Vargo, Chef Sugar's author, recently wrote about his motivations for creating Chef Sugar, highlighting them with examples. InfoQ interviewed Seth to know more about his views on syntactic sugar and the benefits of a plug-in architecture in the context of Chef.


Producing Software, Professionally

by Stuart Turner Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 28, 2013

"Producing Software, Professionally" was the theme of the inaugural Agile Singapore Conference 2013. The conference was a seminal event for the Agile community in Southeast Asia.


Improving Eclipse

by Bienvenido David Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 22, 2013 2

There is a discussion in the Eclipse ide-dev mailing list on how to make Eclipse more competitive. This was prompted by the blog post Why we dropped Eclipse in favour of IntelliJ.


PuppetLabs and Opscode Reveal How They Built Their Open Source Communities

by Matthias Marschall Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 19, 2013

Being nice to people and being explicit and transparent about how things are done are key ingredients for growing communities say both, Luke Kanies, CEO and founder of PuppetLabs, and Adam Jacob, co-founder of Opscode and creator of Chef. They both claim that you need to be genuine in the way you interact with your communities.


API Community Debates Governance versus Innovation

by Saul Caganoff Follow 1 Followers on  Mar 12, 2013 3

Governance has reared its head up again, this time in the API community and questions have been raised about its relevance especially in organizations where innovation is the focus. This was a hot topic at the recent API Strategy and Practice conference and the debate continued in the blogosphere.


Most Important Software Development Trends for 2012, as Voted by QCon London Attendees

by Dio Synodinos Follow 3 Followers on  Mar 30, 2012 4

This is a survey of the most important software development trends for 2012, as voted by the attendees of QCon London 2012. It includes technologies like Big Data, HTML5, Mobile, NoSQL, Continuous Integration, GPUs & Multicore, Cloud - PaaS, Cloud - SaaS, Cloud - IaaS, Asynchronous Technologies, Lean, Scrum, Google Dart.


Who is agile Book Released

by Shane Hastie Follow 18 Followers on  Feb 17, 2012 4

Coach, blogger and community catalyst Yves Hanoulle has published a weekly series of profiles of Agile community leaders and influencers since June 2011. They attracted such interest that he has turned them into a book, which is now available from Leanpub.


SOPA, PIPA – Should Engineers Care

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 22, 2012 4

On 18th January, wikipedia.or among other estimated 10,000 web sites stopped their service in order to protest against the US legislation planning to endorse SOPA and PIPA. Software engineers might think, that they are not affected by the legislation, especially if they are outside the U.S., but considering Big Data, Cloud Computing and other trends this could be a rather naive perspective.


Individual Yield

by Christopher Goldsbury Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 28, 2011

Tony Wong, a project management blackbelt, enumerates some practical points on individual procutivity. This article wonders how well these apply to software development and contrasts his list with that of other lists.


2012 - Boom Times Are Back

by Christopher Goldsbury Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 27, 2011 3

With 2012 technology salaries on the rise now may be the time for you to start your job search. This article covers the emerging trends in IT employment in 2012 and how it will impact you as an IT and software professional.


Amplifying Your Effectiveness (AYE) Conference 2011

by Todd Charron Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 05, 2011

The Amplifying Your Effectiveness (or AYE) Conference took place this year in Cary, North Carolina...


IBM Chief Scientist for Software Engineering to launch TV Series on Computing

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 01, 2011 1

Grady Booch, IBM Chief Scientist for software engineering and well-known software design and architecture expert, is going to create a TV series on computing. He and his wife Jan Booch are planning to produce 11 episodes with the objective to educate “audiences of all ages in the story of the technology that has changed humanity.”


Should Agile Coaches Have a Code of Ethics?

by Todd Charron Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 14, 2011 4

Recently on the Agile Leaders mailing list Dan Mezick initiated a discussion on the need for Agile Coaching Ethics.


Does Anybody Listen? - Podcasts related to Architecture Topics

by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 03, 2011 5

Keeping up to date on software architecture is difficult, because only a few information sources cover this important area explicitly. Of course, Online Services like InfoQ offer a lot of information on software architecture and design. But what about learning in your spare time,for instance when you are commuting or during your running exercise? Can audio podcasts provide an appropriate solution?


W3C Launches Community and Business Groups

by Abel Avram Follow 7 Followers on  Aug 16, 2011

W3C has opened up their infrastructure and expertise to the world to create Community and Business Groups useful to develop specifications and tests or simply hold discussions around web technologies. W3C Community Groups are open and do not require any fee, and all proceedings are public, while Business Groups do require a fee. Interview with Ian Jacobs, Head of W3C Marketing and Communications.

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