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  • Google Releases Enterprise Database Options, Targets SQL Server Customers

    In a recent blog post, Google announced enhancements to their existing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) database investments, including Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server in alpha, Federated queries from BigQuery to Cloud SQL and Elastic Cloud on GCP being available in Japan and soon to be released in Sydney, Australia.

  • Vendors Argue over AWS’ Open Distro for Elasticsearch

    AWS announced the release of their Open Distro for Elasticsearch back in March. However, the release has not come with support from all members of the community. While AWS states that they have released Open Distro in order to ensure that Elasticsearch remains fully open source, other members of the tech community claim this is another move by Amazon to further solidify their strong customer base.

  • Evolution of Metrics Collection and Log Aggregation at Coinbase

    Luke Demi, software engineer at Coinbase, writes about the changes in monitoring and logging that have taken place at Coinbase since mid-2018. Coinbase moved from a self-managed Elasticsearch cluster that served the dual purpose of log analysis and metrics visualization, to Datadog for metrics collection and managed Elasticsearch on AWS for log aggregation.

  • Kuzzle – An On-Premises Document Back-End

    Kuzzle is a document back-end that can run on-premises or in the cloud. The company behind this platform has recently announced the enterprise version of their solution during CES 2017.

  • Offers Machine Learning Based Log Analysis offers a hosted service which performs intelligent log analysis by using machine learning to derive insights from human interactions with log data that includes discussions on tech forums and public code repositories.

  • Amazon Releases Kinesis Service Update

    Amazon has recently announced an update to their Amazon Kinesis Service. In this update, three new features have been added to Amazon Kinesis Streams and Amazon Kinesis Firehose including support for Elasticsearch Service Integration, Shard-Level Metrics and Time-Based Iterators.

  • DevOps Days Kiel Day 2

    Round up of the talks at DevOps Days Kiel's second day.

  • ElasticSearch Gets Better Aggregation, Adds Groovy for Scripting

    ElasticSearch 1.3.0 has been released. Based on Lucene 4.9, it comes with better aggregation features, some security and scripting improvements, several index performance improvements and more.

  • Elasticsearch 1.0.0 released

    Elasticsearch released version 1.0.0 of its self-titled, open-source analytics tool. Elasticsearch is a distributed search engine which allows for real-time data analysis in big-data environments. The new version comes with various functional enhancements and changes to the API to make Elasticsearch more intuitive and powerful to use.


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