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  • Commercial Java Compiler Protects Eclipse RCP Applications

    Excelsior LLC recently released the latest version of Excelsior JET which now prevents the decompilation and unauthorized alteration of Eclipse RCP applications.

  • Excelsior JET 6.4: Smaller, Faster, More Secure Java

    Since the beginning of time Java applications have been battered with complaints about startup time, memory footprint, performance and security. Recently Sun started to address some of the issues by introducing the Consumer JRE. However, Excelsior JET is a product which provides their own spin on solving these problems.

  • JET 5.0 Released With Java Runtime Slim-Down Technology

    Excelsior has released JET 5.0. JET is a toolkit and complete runtime environment for acceleration, protection, and deployment of Java applications. The key enhancement is Java Runtime Slim-Down which provides the ability to exclude certain parts of the Java SE platform from the application's installation package.

  • Excelsior JET to allow streamlined JRE Deployments

    Excelsior has commented on a major change coming in v5 of their Java SE 5 implementation, Excelsior JET. To reduce the download size of applications, developers will be able to exclude parts of the JDK from the application.

  • Excelsior JET 4.8 released, company comments on impact of Java GPL

    Excelsior JET 4.8, an implementation of Java SE 5.0 that creates a native application for Windows or Linux from your code, was recently released offering substantial reduction in disk footprint. Excelsior is licensed commercially and they're investigating how they will handle the open sourcing of Java.

  • Excelsior Jet JVM/Precompiler version 4.5 Released

    Excelsior Jet, a JVM with Ahead-Of-Time compiler has been updated to verision 4.5. Jet precompiles JVM byte code to native X86 instructions. Precompilation has application performance and security benefits. v4.5 supports Java SE 5 Update 6 and improves JIT compilation speeds.