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  • First Hudson Release from Eclipse

    With the first release of Eclipse Hudson since the public fork with Jenkins, what has changed with the release and why has it taken so long? InfoQ reached out to Winston Prakash, the Eclipse Hudson lead, to find out.

  • CloudBees Releases Jenkins Enterprise

    CloudBees releases Jenkins Enterprise which offers commercial support, extended long time releases up to a year and extra proprietary plugins useful to companies with large scale Jenkins installations.

  • Oracle Moves JDeveloper to OSGi Backbone, Adds JSF 2 Support, Hudson Integration

    Oracle has today released Oracle JDeveloper 11g Release 2, along with an update to their meta MVC framework Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework). The release includes support for JSF 2.0 and Facelets, adds Hudson integration to Oracle TPC, and improves hot deployment for ADF. At the same time JDeveloper has been re-architected to sit on top of an OSGi backbone.

  • Jenkins Not Interested in Hudson Reconciliation

    At a recent Jenkins meeting, the discussion turned towards whether a reconciliation with the Hudson project was possible (after the Hudson proposal to move to was released), and what would be required for that to happen. The stated requirements appear to be in conflict to moving towards either Eclipse or Apache foundations, and therefore in a reconciliation with Hudson.

  • Jenkins, Hudson and Eclipse

    With the recent proposal to move Hudson to the Eclipse Foundation, there has been speculation as to whether this will lead to a coming together of Jenkins and Hudson, or even whether the code can be relicensed under the EPL. A discussion is taking place later today on the Jenkins IRC channel to discuss whether the Jenkins community wants to be part of this or not.

  • Oracle Proposes Hudson Move to Eclipse Foundation

    Oracle has created a proposal to move the Hudson project, including ownership of the trademark and domain name, to the Eclipse Foundation. In addition to the existing commercial backers (Oracle and Sonatype), other commercial supporters are keen to see Hudson move to an independent organisation and process, and will also be adding committers to the project.

  • Tasktop 2.0 Supports Task Federation and Cross-Repository Agile Planning

    The latest version of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) collaboration tool Tasktop supports task federation, cross-repository Agile planning, and new connectors to other ALM tools like HP Agile Accelerator and SmartBear CodeCollaborator. Tasktop team last week released version 2.0 of the software which also has integration with Hudson CI tool.

  • Eclipse Mylyn 3.5 brings Jenkins into View

    Eclipse Mylyn 3.5 has just been released, bringing improvements into the task focussed view and additional bugzilla queries. But the biggest new feature is the ability to view the state of Jenkins/Hudson builds as well as drill into test failures in order to locally replicate the issue.

  • Hudson Moves to GitHub (Again)

    Whilst Jenkins 1.397 has been released, Sonatype have been pressing on with build and architectural changes to Hudson. In order to facilitate further developer interest, the Hudson codebase will be moved back to GitHub.

  • Jenkins First Release; Hudson Support

    The first Jenkins version, 1.396, has been released with upgrade scripts that can help migrate an existing Hudson instance. Meanwhile, Oracle confirms the continuation of commercial Hudson support, and Sonatype puts their weight behind Hudson.

  • Hudson Renames to Jenkins

    The votes are in, and the community voted to rename Hudson as Jenkins in a 214 to 14 split. The infrastructure is ready but not yet in use, with a migration timeline to be announced in advance to give developers time to migrate to the new organisation. Oracle will continue to support and develop Hudson at the infrastructure, but for how long?

  • Hudson Community Proposes Rename to Jenkins

    Oracle has responded to the Hudson community about how they can keep control of the Hudson name but let the community do the work. The community has responded with a vote on renaming the Hudson project to Jenkins to escape from Oracle's legal sabre-rattling.

  • Hudson Project Proposes Renaming to Jenkins

    With Oracle having applied for the trademark on the Hudson project name, and potentially putting the future of the Hudson project in future jeopardy, the Hudson developers have proposed renaming the project to Jenkins. The developers are keen to emphasise that this is a rename, not a fork, of the project since the same developers will continue to work on the renamed project.

  • Sun's Kenai to Close in 60 Days and Work Halted on Darkstar but Hudson Survives

    Whilst many of Sun's software projects have survived the Oracle acquisition, details are continuing to emerge of projects that are being closed down. Amongst them are Sun's cloud project and Kenai, its source code repository. Work is also being stopped on project Darkstar, the Java based MMOG platform developed by Sun labs, though the code for this is open source and should remain available.

  • Rewards to Improve Team Habits?

    Sometimes teams have trouble starting new habits: writing unit tests, fix compiler warnings, not breaking the build. How do we help the team change these habits? Clint Shank designed a game to help people transition.