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  • IceFaces Ace Forks PrimeFaces for jQuery Support, PrimeFaces not Happy

    PrimeFaces is claiming IceSoft copied PrimeFaces code "LINE BY LINE" for its new IceSoft Ace. While not claiming legal issues with the fork, the PrimeFaces team is "shocked and disappointed" and claim the new IceSoft Ace components are "up to 90% copied" from PrimeFaces. InfoQ caught up with PrimeFaces and IceSoft about this issue. Is it ok for a competitor to fork an Apache licensed project?

  • ICEFaces Ajax/JSF Framework Open Sourced Under MPL

    ICEsoft Technologies, Inc. has announced that their ICEFaces Ajax Development Platform is now available under the Mozilla Public License. This release also includes tighter IDE integration and enhanced JBoss Seam support.

  • Ajax for JSF: ICEFaces Enterprise Edition 1.0

    ICEsoft has released version 1.0 of ICEFaces Enterprise Edition. ICEFaces extends JavaServer Faces (JSF) allowing developers to write AJAX style web applications in pure Java without having to use Javascript. ICEFaces provides an Ajax Push technology that allows server changes to be "pushed" to browser based clients without traditional polling techniques.