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  • Scaling Without Blueprints and the Agile Scaling Cycle

    InfoQ interviewed Stefan Roock about adding XP practices to Scrum, why using an agile framework as a blueprint for designing the organization is a premature optimization and why culture and principles are more important than practices. Roock also explains the agile scaling cycle with examples of how it can be used, and talks about the benefits and pitfalls of this approach for agile scaling.

  • A Tour of Agile Scaling Approaches

    At the Agile Tour Bangkok G John Okoro gave a tour of the various approaches to scaling agile that are in the marketplace today. He examined SAFe, LeSS & LeSS Huge, Scrum, the Spotify "model", Nexus and Scrum of Scrums, identifying the context they are designed for and some pros and cons of each approach.

  • 10th State of Agile Survey

    The 10th annual state of agile survey is open through October 2, 2015. The survey explores the worldwide adoption of agile.

  • How to Descale an Organization

    There are many frameworks available for scaling Agile. In contrast to the concept of scaling Agile, there is a belief of descaling the organization.

  • Meet Nanoko: a Javascript SOA Platform and Build Process

    Built by Ubidreams and Dynamis Technologies, Nanoko is a Javascript build process designed to provide modularity and reusability, complementing existing tools instead of reinventing them.

  • Updated Web Essentials for Visual Studio 2012 Adds TypeScript Support

    Web Essentials, the extension introduced to add better CSS support to Visual Studio, has recently been updated with new tools for Visual Studio 2012, including support for TypeScript. It also includes automatic downloads of new schema files, so that HTML5 and CSS validation will always be up to date.

  • Web Workbench Adds Support for Visual Studio 11

    Web Workbench, the extension that brings Sass, LESS, and Coffeescript to Visual Studio, has been updated. This release adds support for Visual Studio 11, improvements to the import process and collapsible outlining for CoffeeScript.