Mono Improves Aync Support and MonoDevelop Adds NuGet

by Jeff Martin Follow 17 Followers on  Jan 25, 2013

MonoDevelop now has integrated support for NuGet while the Mono project sees various improvements with release 3.0.3.


Build Cross Platform Applications with Xwt

by Anand Narayanaswamy Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 23, 2012 1

Xwt is .NET Framework based open source UI toolkit for Mono and .NET and is used for the creation of desktop applications that run on multiple platforms from the same codebase.


MonoDevelop 3.0 – Better Code Completion, Performance, Quick-Fix Suggestions

by Roopesh Shenoy Follow 0 Followers on  May 21, 2012 1

MonoDevelop 3.0 has been released and there are several new features that focus on performance and developer productivity, especially for C# developers.


Xamarin’s Mono for Android Now Includes a Visual Designer

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  May 14, 2012

Xamarin has announced a visual designer for their Mono for Android development tool integrated with Visual Studio or MonoDevelop.


MonoDevelop 2.6 Adds Git, Mac Support

by Jenni Konrad Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 15, 2011

Version 2.6 of MonoDevelop, the open-source IDE for .NET and Mono development, includes several new features, the most notable of which are Git integration and support for the Mac platform via the MonoMac add-in.


Xamarin Gets All IP Rights for Mono and Related Products

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Jul 18, 2011 2

Mono is back where it started. Miguel de Icaza and his developers have all legal rights to continue developing Mono and all related products due to an agreement with SUSE, now part of The Attachmate Group.


Mono Releases Mono Packager for Mac

by James Vastbinder Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 13, 2011 1

Earlier this week, the Mono folks released the Mono Packager for OSX and refreshed the MonoMac library and templates. Developers can now create self-contained Mono applications which can be distributed via the Apple App Store.


MonoDroid Bridges .NET with Android

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Jan 07, 2011 11

MonoDroid brings the whole Mono VM to Android, enabling .NET developers to write applications for Google’s mobile OS. Developers now can write applications targeting iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.


MonoDevelop is the Third IDE for F#

by Jonathan Allen Follow 631 Followers on  Dec 27, 2010

MonoDevelop has become the third IDE to support Microsoft’s F# language. With .NET support essentially dead on the Eclipse IDE and WebMatrix being targeted for causal developers, it is likely to be the last IDE to add support for it in the foreseeable future.


A Mono Update

by James Vastbinder Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 18, 2010

Last week Miguel de Icaza published a long post listing all the work the Mono team at Novell has been doing since the move to GitHub in July 2010. Much of the new work has been around language development and MonoDevelop improvements.


MonoTouch Has Added Support for Apple’s iPad

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Jan 29, 2010

Within 24 hours of the announcement of the new iPad tablet from Apple, the MonoTouch team has released MonoTouch 1.9 (alpha), which is focused on helping developers to write .NET application for the iPad.


Developing .NET Applications on Windows with MonoDevelop 2.2

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Sep 11, 2009 1

MonoDevelop has become the first cross platform .NET IDE supporting development on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.


Interview: Joseph Hill About Important Developments in Mono

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Sep 10, 2008

In this interview made by Greg Young of InfoQ, Joseph Hill talks about the current status of Mono, the release of Mono 2.0, and important developments related to Mono like Cecil, MoMA, and Moonlight.


F# Update: MonoDevelop, a New Book, and a New CTP

by Jonathan Allen Follow 631 Followers on  Sep 01, 2008

Though still officially just a research project, the excitement over F# continues unabated. In today's roundup, we take a brief look at what's new for F#.


UNO, OpenOffice, and MonoDevelop

by Jonathan Allen Follow 631 Followers on  Jun 23, 2008 1

Microsoft Office developers have long bragged about their ability to control pretty much anything in Office via COM automation. But unbeknownst to most, OpenOffice developers have a few tricks up their sleeve.