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  • Eclipse Juno Brings Eclipse 4 as Standard

    Today, the Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Eclipse Juno, the ninth annual simultaneous release train including over 70 projects and for the first time the Eclipse 4 platform in the standard packages. Read on to find out what's new and noteworthy.

  • Tasktop Sync Supports Application Lifecycle Management Synchronization

    The new release of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool Tasktop supports an ALM synchronization solution that addresses the visibility and traceability needs of the software development teams. Tasktop team announced the release of Tasktop Sync 1.0 version last month. They also recently released Tasktop Dev 2.1 version which builds on Eclipse Indigo release of Mylyn 3.6.

  • GitHub Passes 2m Repositories

    GitHub recently announced they had passed two million git repositories hosted, with 70% being created in the last year alone and an expected 1m users later this year. What else is new at GitHub?

  • Eclipse Mylyn 3.5 brings Jenkins into View

    Eclipse Mylyn 3.5 has just been released, bringing improvements into the task focussed view and additional bugzilla queries. But the biggest new feature is the ability to view the state of Jenkins/Hudson builds as well as drill into test failures in order to locally replicate the issue.

  • Tasktop Agile Planner for Eclipse Released

    Tasktop has released an Agile planning tool that leverages MyLyn connectors to provide planning support that spans across multiple project management integrations like Mingle, Team Concert, Rally, Scrumworks,JIRA and VersionOne. The Eclipse integration supports automatic linking between plan items and source code artifacts allowing developers to create and manage plans directly from Eclipse.

  • Tasktop Pro 1.6 Supports Task Management for C/C++ Projects and Automated Time Tracking

    The latest version of Tasktop Pro, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration suite for Eclipse IDE, supports cross-repository linking, task management focus for C/C++ Projects and agile ALM tool integration. Tasktop Technologies, creators of Eclipse Mylyn and Tasktop, announced last week the release of Tasktop Pro 1.6 version. The new release also supports automated time-tracking feature.

  • Tasktop Supports Integration with ScrumWorks Pro and ThoughtWorks Adaptive ALM Tools

    Tasktop Technologies, the company behind Eclipse Mylyn Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration framework, now supports integration with Danube Technologies Scrumworks Pro and ThoughtWorks Studios Adaptive ALM software. Tasktop also released Tasktop Pro 1.5 version back in June.

  • Presentation: Eclipse, Mylyn and the TFI

    Mik Kersten offers a two-part presentation on productivity enhancement using Mylyn's task management features including offline editing, background synchronizations and change notifications with demos of how these work for Bugzilla and JIRA. Part two looks at how Mylyn's frameworks can be extended for IDE, desktop, and server-side applications.

  • Tasktop 1.3: Support Added for Firefox and Linux

    Tasktop Technologies, the company which created Eclipse Mylyn and leads its development, released Tasktop version 1.3 today. InfoQ interviewed Tasktop CEO and Eclipse Mylyn project lead Mik Kersten to learn more about this release and what changes it brings for end users.

  • Tasktop 1.2: Enhanced Time Tracking/Reporting and a New, Free Version

    Tasktop Technologies, the company which created Eclipse Mylyn and leads its development, released Tasktop version 1.2 today, which is based upon the new Mylyn 3.0 APIs. InfoQ interviewed Tasktop President & CTO Mik Kersten to learn more about this release and what changes it brings for end users.

  • Eclipse Ganymede: An in-depth look at Mylyn

    As part of the upcoming Eclipse Ganymede release, scheduled for June 25th, InfoQ is covering a series of Eclipse subprojects. Today, the topic is Mylyn. InfoQ spoke with Mik Kersten, lead of the Mylyn project and President of Tasktop Technologies, to learn more about what to expect in Ganymede.

  • Mylyn 2.1: Refactoring the Eclipse User Interface to increase productivity

    Mylyn, an Eclipse plug-in which was integrated into Eclipse 3.3, recently released version 2.1. InfoQ spoke with Mylyn project lead Mik Kersten to learn more about this release and what changes Mylyn 2.1 brings to Eclipse-based development.

  • Google SoC Series: Rubyland: Extending Desktop Applications with Ruby

    We continue our Ruby Google Summer of Code (SoC) series with Rubyland. This tool associates events from the OS or applications with Ruby scripts, making desktop automation very easy. We caught up with Scott Ostler to chat about the details behind Rubyland.

  • InfoQ Interview with Mylar Project Lead Mik Kersten

    Mylar, the task-focused UI for Eclipse, released version 1.0 recently and InfoQ sat down with Mik Kersten, Project Lead to talk about the release, adoption, and future directions of Mylar.

  • Changing the way you work with Mylar

    Mylar is an Eclipse plug-in that changes Eclipse into a task focused UI. Mylar lets you define tasks and then it associates information (such as classes, methods, or compilation errors) with it, based on your activities. Mik Kersten, the project lead for Mylar, has recently published a two part article on IBM's developerWorks site.