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Article: Using Singleton Classes for Object Metadata

by Robert Bazinet on  Dec 05, 2007

We have another feature article to publish by InfoQ's own Werner Schuster where he elegantly explains a way to annotate object graph with metadata to solve complex problems.

Enterprise SOA: End Of The Line?

by Mark Little on  Nov 03, 2007 4

Joe McKendrick, Jeff Schneider and others discuss whether or not enterprise SOA is dead on arrival and that perhaps pragmatic/geurilla SOA is the best approach after all.

The Role Of Leadership - Agile 2007

by Ben Hughes on  Aug 17, 2007

Mary Poppendieck spoke at Agile 2007 providing an insight into the adaptation of manufacturing management principles in the software development arena.

IBM Updates Architect Content/Info Kit

by Floyd Marinescu on  Jun 20, 2007 1

IBM in May updated their "Software Architect Kit", a bundle of content for architects including podcasts by Grady Booch on trends, patterns and best practices in architecture, webcasts, demos, and whitepapers on patterns-based development, SOA, model-driven architecture, and software structure & modularity. The kit requires registration before all the content can be downloaded.

Article: Adding Properties to Ruby Metaprogramatically

by Obie Fernandez on  Apr 18, 2007 8

Werner Schuster walks us through a simple example of adding Java-style properties support (declarative getters, setters and change listeners) to Ruby classes via a Mixin by using elements of Ruby meta-programming. Introduces ideas for enhancement using principles of design-by-contract and pluggable type systems.

Factories 201 Series - Building Software Factories

by Hartmut Wilms on  Mar 11, 2007

Edward Bakker and Jezz Santos have been writing about Software Factories, providing a complete set of concise guidelines. The Microsoft Software Factories and DSL initiatives have caused many discussions. Today, Microsoft provides tools such as the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX), the Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT), and the Domain-Specific Language Tools (DSL Tools).

InfoQ Article: Incorporating Enterprise Data into SOA

by Miko Matsumura on  Nov 21, 2006 6

In this article Boris Lublinsky outlines the complexities of dealing with the enterprise data and discuss several design patterns for SOA implementations.

Sharing What's Worked: Patterns for Adopting Agile Practices

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Nov 06, 2006 1

Organizations adopting Agile naturally ask these questions; "Where do I start?", "What specific practices should I adopt?", "How can I adopt incrementally?" and "Where can I expect pitfalls?" In this article, Amr Elssamadisy gives a glimpse into an ongoing effort to document Agile practice adoption patterns: Participants at XPday Montreal took a stab at "Simple Design" and "Pair Programming."

Patterns and Practices Guidance Explorer for .NET

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 12, 2006 2

The Patterns and Practices Guidance Explorer gives developers the ability to quickly find guidance on a variety of topics. Documents in the Patterns and Practices Library are currently divided into categories such as Checklists, Code Examples, Guidelines, Principals, and Test Cases.

Patterns and Practices Summit

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 10, 2006

The 2006 Patterns and Practices Summit has begun. This Microsoft Sponsored event runs through October 12 and covers a wide gambit of issues, technologies, and techniques.