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  • API Friction Complicates Hunting for Cloud Vulnerabilities. SQL Makes it Simple

    APIs can tell you everything about your cloud infrastructure, but they're hard to use and work in different ways. What if you could write simple SQL queries that call APIs for you and put results into a database? Steampipe, an open-source project that maps APIs to Postgres foreign tables, makes that dream come true. It's hard enough to reason over data. Acquiring it should be easy, and now it is.

  • Two Must-Have Tools for Jakarta EE Developers

    The wildfly-jar-maven-plugin and the brand new wildfly-datasources-preview-galleon-pack from the WildFly project are worthy of your attention. These tools add on-the-fly generation of an Uber JAR including configuration for containerization and datasources, and make it a pleasure to write applications for Jakarta EE and WildFly.

  • Postgres Handles More Than You Think

    Thinking about scaling beyond Postgres with a data store like Redis or Elasticsearch? Think again before adopting a complex infrastructure. Postgres can scale for heavy loads and offers powerful features which are not obvious at first sight. For example, it's possible to enable in-memory caching, text search, specialized indexing, and key-value storage. Article

  • Challenges of Building a Reliable Realtime Chat Service

    Realtime chat has become a common feature of modern applications. These days not only communicators and social networks allow users to talk with each other over the Internet—chat is crucial in healthcare, e-commerce, gaming and many other industries.