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  • Managing 238 Million Memberships of Netflix: Surabhi Diwan at QCon San Francisco

    During the first day of QCon San-Francisco 2023, Surabhi Diwan, a senior software engineer at Netflix, presented on managing 238 million Memberships of Netflix. The talk is a part of the “Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About" track. Diwan's work at Netflix involves the backend work regarding membership engineering, which is critical for both signups and streaming at Netflix.

  • RightScale Cloud Survey 2017

    RightScale has recently published their annual cloud survey (RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report) which comprises the status and the trends in cloud computing adoption and usage, comparing some of the values with last year’s results.

  • RightScale State of the Cloud Survey Indicates Increased IaaS Adoption

    Recently published results from RightScale’s 2015 State of the Cloud survey indicate higher adoption of IaaS than PaaS. In a blog post, the company highlighted the usage patterns of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform among enterprises.

  • RightScale Offers a PaaS Based on Zend PHP

    RightScale and Zend have teamed up to offer a PaaS for deploying, managing and running PHP applications in the cloud. Currently available only on Amazon AWS, the PHP Solution Pack will be made available for other cloud providers in the future.

  • CloudCrowd - A 100% Ruby Cloud Solution

    DocumentCloud is a non-profit organization which provides document-based applications. With highly expensive processing tasks to accomplish in parallel, DocumentCloud decided to implement its own cloud solution in Ruby: CloudCrowd. InfoQ spoke with the author, Jeremy Ashkenas of DocumentCloud, to learn more.