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  • SQL Server Unit Testing with tSQLt

    tSQLt is a free, open-source framework for unit testing in SQL Server. By writing tSQLt test cases, developers can create fake tables and views based on production data, then compare expected versus actual results. Tests can be created directly in SQL Server Management Studio.

  • Code First Migrations Updates Data Structure From Code

    The Code First approach means that the object model is created in code, and then the database structure is generated from that model. Code First Migrations allows developers to make changes to the database via code, many of which can be done automatically.

  • ORM Profiler Analyzes Data Access Performance

    Solutions Design has released ORM Profiler, a tool meant to help improve data access layer performance. It tracks and logs ADO.NET calls so that developers can analyze their data access and discover potential problems.

  • Spatial Data Introduced to Entity Framework

    One of the new additions in the Entity Framework June CTP is official support for Spatial data types, which allow developers to represent data using a system of coordinates, such as shapes, lines, or points on a map.

  • MVP Erland Explores SQL Server Performance Concepts

    In "Slow in the Application, Fast in SSMS?", SQL Server MVP, Erland Sommarskog, explores the various things that affect Query Plan, compilation of Dynamic SQL and other things that ultimately affect your SQL Server Database Performance. He covers various concepts and scenarios like parameter sniffing, query plan caching, Blocking, saved settings, issues with linked servers and more.

  • Cloud-Based Server Management and Troubleshooting with System Center Advisor

    Microsoft System Center Advisor is a new cloud-based service that analyzes installations of Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 (and later versions). It tracks configuration changes and upgrades, and reports on potential issues due to missing security patches, incompatibilities, or deviations from best practices.

  • SQL Server 2008 SP1 and Feature Pack CTP Bring New Features and Tools

    Microsoft has announced the availability for download of SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 CTP, including all cumulative updates, and SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 Feature Pack CTP1, containing a number of stand alone tools adding more value to SQL Server 2008.

  • Migrating from MySQL/Access to SQL Server/Azure with SSMA

    Microsoft has released the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for MySQL 1.0, and has refreshed SSMA for Oracle v4.2, SSMA for Sybase v4.2, and SSMA for Access v4.2. These toolkits helps customers migrating their MySQL/Oracle/Sybase/Access databases to SQL Server and some even to SQL Azure.

  • Microsoft is Making a Play for MySQL Users

    Microsoft has released its first community tech preview for a MySQL to SQL Server migration tool. This tool supports SQL Server 2005, 2008, and Azure.

  • SQLAzureMW Migrates SQL Databases to SQL Azure

    The SQL Azure Migration Wizard (SQLAzureMW) is a CodePlex project and wizard that can be used to migrate SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 databases to SQL Azure.

  • MapPoint Add-In For SQL Server Released

    Microsoft released a free MapPoint 2009 Add-In for SQL Server 2008 spatial data. The add-in can be used with MapPoint to build map graphics against queries on SQL Server 2008 spatial geography columns.

  • SQL Enlight T-SQL Analyzer

    SQL Enlight is a tool designed to expedite and facilitate T-SQL development through code analysis and templating. SQL Enlight integrates into MS Visual Studio and SQL Management Studio.

  • SQL Server 2008 Major Updates

    Microsoft has released significant updates for SQL Server 2008, including 2008 Service Pack 1, Express Edition Service Pack 1, large Feature Pack, Upgrade Advisor, SRS Report Builder 2.0, SharePoint integration, and data mining Office add-ins.

  • MIX 09: Nigel Ellis on Azure SQL Data Services

    Nigel Ellis, Architect at Microsoft, presented today a detailed overview of the new relational model of Azure SQL Data Service, which was announced a couple of weeks ago on the team's blog. Nigel also demonstrated how SDS could be used by WordPress (a PHP application) via an ODBC driver.

  • 256 Core SQL Server

    With Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server Kilimanjaro, it is expected that SQL Server will be able to support at least 256 logical processors.