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Adopting Apache Cassandra

Posted by Eben Hewitt  on  Dec 01, 2010 2 Posted by Eben Hewitt Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 01, 2010 2

Eben Hewitt introduces the Apache Cassandra project to those interested in getting a quick clear picture of what Cassandra is, what are its main features, what is the the data model used and the API.


Java Puzzlers: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Posted by Josh Bloch  on  Nov 25, 2010 8 Posted by Josh Bloch Follow 0 Followers , Bob Lee Follow 1 Followers  on  Nov 25, 2010 8

Josh Bloch and Bob Lee present 7 Java code puzzlers, code seeming to produce some result, but actually producing something unexpected. They explain why is that, showing the correct solution.


Panel: The Future of Programming Languages

Posted by Guy Steele  on  Nov 24, 2010 8 Posted by Guy Steele Follow 1 Followers , Douglas Crockford Follow 0 Followers , Josh Bloch Follow 0 Followers , Alex Payne Follow 0 Followers , Bruce Tate Follow 0 Followers , Ted Neward Follow 2 Followers  on  Nov 24, 2010 8

Guy Steele, Douglas Crockford, Josh Bloch, Alex Payne, Bruce Tate, and Ted Neward (moderator) hold a discussion on the future of programming taking questions from the audience.


Tomorrow’s Tech Today: HTML5

Posted by Scott Davis  on  Nov 17, 2010 3 Posted by Scott Davis Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 17, 2010 3

Scott Davis reviews some of the most important HTML5 features: semantic elements (header, footer, nav, section, and article), form enhancements, video and mobile support, already in use today.


Hidden Web Services: Microformats and the Semantic Web

Posted by Scott Davis  on  Nov 16, 2010 1 Posted by Scott Davis Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 16, 2010 1

Scott Davis makes a case for semantic data, pointing out that it is currently used by major websites to improve their traffic, presenting 2 ways to add metadata to a document: RDFa and microformats.


Clojure's Solutions to the Expression Problem

Posted by Chris Houser  on  Nov 15, 2010 4 Posted by Chris Houser Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 15, 2010 4

Chris Houser presents the expression problem showing how to solve it using multimethods and protocols in Clojure, mentioning pros and cons of each method.


Making Your Open Source Project More Like Rails

Posted by Yehuda Katz  on  Nov 10, 2010 Posted by Yehuda Katz Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 10, 2010

Yehuda Katz presents the evolution of the Ruby on Rails project, the challenges it had to overcome and what are the lessons that could be helpful in making other open source projects successful.


Machine Learning: A Love Story

Posted by Hilary Mason  on  Nov 09, 2010 16 Posted by Hilary Mason Follow 1 Followers  on  Nov 09, 2010 16

Hilary Mason presents the history of machine learning covering the most significant developments in the area, and showing how uses it to discover various statistical information about users.


Android Squared

Posted by Bob Lee  on  Nov 08, 2010 5 Posted by Bob Lee Follow 1 Followers , Eric Burke Follow 0 Followers  on  Nov 08, 2010 5

Bob Lee and Eric Burke present Square, a card reader used to receive payments through an Android device, presenting a point-of-sale API, and a library for persistence and REST communication.

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