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  • Farewell to Subversion: GitHub Sunsets Support after 13 Years

    Next January GitHub will remove Subversion support from, with GitHub Enterprise Server following soon after. Introduced in 2010 to provide developers with a path to Git, the SVN endpoint now receives only 0.02% of the requests to the source control service.

  • JetBrains Upsource 1.0: A New Code Reviewing Tool

    JetBrains has made available Upsource 1.0, a source code collaboration tool for software development teams.

  • Apache Subversion to Migrate to Git

    Today, Greg Stein, founder of the Apache Subversion project, raised a request to migrate the Subversion codebase to Git. More controversial than the decision itself was the way that the decision was made, by the PMC on the private mailing list. Read on to find out what happened and what the current state is.

  • Collabnet Offers new Agile ALM Cloud options

    Collabnet has released a new version of Teamforge (5.4), the general release of Subversion Edge, and a new Teamforge licensing agreement (TeamForge SCM Licensing option). All were announced at the Agile 2010 conference this week. The stated intent of these new products is to increase the flexibility of organizations seeking to adopt Agile software development methods.

  • CodePlex Adds Support for TortoiseSVN

    CodePlex has recently announced that it is supporting SVN clients, like TortoiseSVN, to connect to its code repository in order to synchronize source code and resources. In the past, SVN users had to run SvnBridge every time they wanted to synchronize with CodePlex, but now it can be done only by using the correct URL in SVN client's settings.

  • Kenai: Project Hosting Built on JRuby on Rails

    Kenai is a new project hosting platform from Sun. It offers a comprehensive set of services for open source projects, including source code management and issue-tracking, and most notably, it is built with JRuby on Rails.

  • AnkhSVN 2.0 Source Code Control Package (SCC) for Visual Studio

    AnkhSVN started as a Visual Studio add-in, which allowed to work on a Subversion (SVN) version-controlled project from within Visual Studio. Release 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the core engine, which is delivered as a free Source Code Control Package (SCC) for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.

  • Subversion 1.5 released

    Subversion, a mature open source version control system used by many open source projects, has just released version 1.5. New features include: merge tracking, sparse checkouts, and conflict resolution in the command line client.

  • Article: Distributed Version Control Systems - a guide

    Since Linus Torvalds presentation at Google about git in May 2007, the adoption and interest for Distributed Version Control Systems has been constantly rising. In this article, Sebastien Auvray introduces the concept of Distributed Version Control, see when to use it, why it may be better than what you're currently using, and have a look at three actors in the area: git, Mercurial and Bazaar.

  • GitHub - Rails-based Git repository hosting

    Github is a new service, built in Ruby, for hosting git repositories. But there's more: by exploiting git's features, such as quick branching/merging, it allows new, more streamlined ways of cooperation between and experimentation with open source projects.

  • Continuous Integration and Code Inspection with Hudson and FindBugs

    A recent article published in IBM developerWorks talks about automating Continuous Integration and Code Inspection tasks in a build process using open source tools. It explains how to install and configure Hudson server with Subversion, Ant, and software inspection tools like FindBugs and PMD to create a build process with continuous feedback on test results and defects.

  • VisualSVN – An Alternative to Team Foundation Server

    Developers looking for an alternative to Visual SourceSafe have a lot more options than shelling out big bucks for Rational ClearCase or Microsoft's Team Foundation Server. Today we introduce VisualSVN, a commercial Subversion offering.

  • IronRuby now on Rubyforge

    IronRuby, Microsoft's implementation of Ruby for .NET, is now hosted on RubyForge. The current state of the code is available via the Subversion repository.

  • CaptainHook, Free .NET Hook Manager For Subversion Released

    Veloc-it has built a new plugin (hook) framework in .NET, CaptainHook, for those using the Subversion version control system. Subversion "hooks" are scripts that are triggered when a particular version control event happens, such as committing a set of changes. These hooks execute by defeault as perl scripts, but CaptainHook allows a .NET application to be run for more complex processing needs.