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  • HP Releases Systinet 3.0

    HP announced the release of HP SOA Systinet 3.00, their SOA governance solution.

  • Quest for True SOA

    In his new article Alex Maclinovsky describes a concept of Aspect-Based SOA infrastructure. He starts from the rational for such platform and uses several examples to demonstrate the advantages of such architecture. He also explains how this platform can directly support desired SOA governance, through introduction of additional aspects, directly supporting compliance to the enterprise policies.

  • TIBCO Licenses Systinet Registry

    EAI vendor TIBCO has announced an agreement to resell Systinet's UDDI registry, making it the third major vendor to do so after BEA and Oracle.

  • Understanding SOA Governance

    Lori MacVittie has written an excellent introductory article to SOA governance, including an overview of relevant standards and the different kinds of product offerings.