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  • Learn to Fight Cyberattacks in 2023: Steve Poole's Call to Action at Devoxx

    Almost a year after the world was shelled by log4, Sonatype’s Steve Poole - a long-time secure code promoter, sounded the alarm regarding the advancement of cyber attacks during his Devoxx talk. Cyberwarfare is a reality, and countries use cyberattacks to fight other countries. More than awareness, the talk gives us hope by revealing the tools each developer has at hand to fight this evil.

  • Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Survey Uncovers New Trends in Tech and Work

    Stackoverflow’s 2021 developer survey focuses mostly on work outside the traditional office. With younger respondents, this year's survey shows shifts in the way they learn and work, and with more interest in health. On the technology side, it has been a year of consolidation: React, Rust, and Clojure being more used and present, while Redis keeps attracting attention.

  • Explore the Software Engineering Trends That Matter in 2021 at QCon Plus in November

    This November at the QCon Plus software development conference, senior software engineers, architects, and team leads will learn from their peers and discuss emerging software trends and practices. Join them to develop your technical and non-technical skills and get valuable insights that you can take home to your team and implement right away.

  • Digital Disruption via Space: High-Speed Internet Access through Satellites

    Satellites are enabling high speed access to the internet in rural areas, on airplanes, and for internet service providers to the core network. Space technology innovations like electric propulsion, digitalization revolutionize telecommunications and new entrants like SpaceX are forcing launch costs down. These developments will enable new services and lower the costs of existing ones.

  • The Hottest Tech Trends in 2018 According to GitHub

    Data, workflow integration, and open source tools are among the trends that Jason Warner, GitHub senior vice-president of technology, identifies as key for company success in 2018.

  • The Employee Experience: How to Make People Want to Show Up at Work

    Jacob Morgan, a keynote speaker, best-selling author and the co-founder of The Future of Work Community, a global innovation council of the world’s most forward thinking organizations exploring the new world of work, gave a webinar along with Cisco to discuss how organizations should behave to create remarkable employee experiences, the ones that make people want to show up at work.

  • New and Interesting Changes on ThoughtWorks Radar

    As usual, the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar covers four areas - Language & Frameworks, Platforms, Techniques, Tools – each item having one of four recommendations – Adopt, Trial, Assess, Hold. This article lists only what is new and noteworthy in the respective areas.

  • Workplace of the Future: How Technology Affects Employee Experience

    Jacob Morgan, a keynote speaker, best-selling author and the co-founder of The Future of Work Community, a global innovation council of the world’s most forward thinking organizations exploring the new world of work, gave a webinar together with Konica Minolta to discuss the workplace of the future and how technology affects the employee experiences.

  • Technologies and Trends in Developing Complex Software Systems

    The Software-Centric Systems Conference explored new technologies, trends, and experiences in developing complex software systems. InfoQ spoke with Rob Howe and Martijn Rutten, two members of the program committee, about the main challenges that software development is facing, technology developments, driving innovation, and deploying agile to improve process reliability and deliver value.

  • Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016

    Stack Overflow appreciates that out of more than 40M people visiting their website each month, 15M are professional developers. In this year’s annual survey Stack Overflow asked 45 questions to the 56,033 users who accepted to participate. We are covering here some of the most interesting results.

  • What Is New on ThoughtWorks Radar Nov 2015

    ThoughtWorks has published their radar for the end of 2015, covering technologies in four areas: Languages & Frameworks, Platforms, Techniques, and Tools.

  • Stack Overflow Survey 2015: Technologies Used, Loved, Disliked or Wanted

    Stack Overflow has conducted and published the results of their annual survey for 2015 evaluating the community of developers participating on their website by asking or answering questions, or simply learning. The study outlines among other trends the main technologies used, technologies loved/disliked/wanted and the predominance of Git.

  • The State of Testing in 2015

    The state of testing survey 2015 aims to provide insight in the adoption of test techniques and practices, test automation, and the challenges that testers are facing. Ongoing developments have impact on testing, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and the adoption of agile where developers and testers collaborate in teams and competencies become more important than roles and titles.

  • New and Interesting on ThoughtWorks Radar Jan 2015

    ThoughtWorks has published a digital preview of the January 2015 radar, providing opinion on techniques, tools, platforms and languages and taking a snapshot of the current trends in software technology.

  • Community-Driven Research: NoSQL Database Adoption Trends

    InfoQ's research initiative continues with an 15th question about: "NoSQL Database Adoption Trends". This is a new service we hope will provide you with up-to-date & bias-free community-based insight into trends & behaviors that affect enterprise software development. Unlike traditional vendor/analyst-based research, our research is based on answers provided by YOU.