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Agile/UX Panel

Posted by Jeremy Sutherland, Darius Kumana, Eewei Chen, Darci Dutcher, and Richard Muscat  on  Apr 27, 2012

Jeremy Sutherland, Darius Kumana, Eewei Chen, Darci Dutcher, and Richard Muscat (moderator) discuss the relationship between Agile and UX design.

Adapting UX Techniques to Fit Culture

Posted by Sedef Gavaz  on  Apr 20, 2012

Sedef Gavaz discusses the importance of adapting UX techniques used to the target audience, organization and culture, sharing lessons learned while working in China.

Coming Out of Your Shell: Using UX Workshops to Your Advantage in a Techie/Scientific Setting

Posted by Jenny Cham  on  Mar 29, 2012

Jenny Cham teaches how to plan workshops having a technical or scientific audience in order to impress the audience, get feedback and get the best results.

Love All the People: What UX Practitioners Can Learn from Bill Hicks

Posted by Ian Fenn  on  Mar 23, 2012 1

Ian Fenn shares some techniques used by comedians and can be used in UX, starting with honesty. He concludes his session: “if you want to change the world, be prepared to knock over some tables.”

What Techniques Can Design Researchers Learn from Insurance Claims Investigation?

Posted by Lyzbelle Strahan  on  Mar 15, 2012 1

Lyzbelle Strahan shares insurance claims investigation techniques useful for designing the interaction with users during product research.

How Socrates Would Design [Experiences]

Posted by Alişan Atvur  on  Mar 13, 2012

Alişan Atvur shares methods for productively critiquing and improving UX designs, techniques for client buy-in for user research, and how to inspire others on the value of UX.

The Childish Washer & The Happy Website

Posted by Jeroen van Geel  on  Mar 01, 2012

Jeroen van Geel emphasizes the need for creating digital products that have personality, explaining what product personality is, and how it can be achieved.

Winning Hearts and Minds: How to Embed UX from Scratch in a Large Organization

Posted by Michele Ide-Smith  on  Feb 21, 2012

Michele Ide-Smith presents the lessons learned in the process of introducing UX principles and techniques into a large organization through a series of small steps.

Developer/Designer Cross Training (or how to get developers to do your work for you)

Posted by Adrian Howard  on  Feb 17, 2012

Adrian Howard advises designers to cooperate with developers from the early stages of a project in an attempt to create a product that more closely reflects the designer’s vision.

Strategic User Experience

Posted by Leisa Reichelt  on  Feb 10, 2012

Leisa Reichelt proposes a detailed process for delivering a great UX starting from the original vision of the product, to business strategy, to customer experience strategy and tactical execution.

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