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    Increasing Security with a Service Mesh: Christian Posta Explores the Capabilities of Istio

    by Christian Posta Follow 3 Followers on  Aug 16, 2018

    Istio attempts to solve some particularly difficult challenges when running applications in a cloud platform: application networking, reliability, and observability and (the focus of this article) security. With Istio, communication between services in the mesh is secure and encrypted by default. Istio can also help with "origin" or "end-user" JWT identity token verification.

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    The Ethics of Security

    by Anne Currie Follow 1 Followers on  Aug 13, 2018

    Like security, tech ethics is about trying to prevent our systems from hurting users or anyone else.

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    A Security Approach for a Cloudy World: An Interview with Pete Cheslock

    by Richard Seroter Follow 8 Followers on  Mar 17, 2017

    Does your approach to application and data center security change when adopting cloud services? To learn more about this topic, InfoQ reached out to Pete Cheslock, head of operations and support teams at Threat Stack.

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Article Series: Containers in the Real World - Stepping Off the Hype Curve

Posted by Daniel Bryant Follow 824 Followers on  Apr 17, 2016

This article series explains how containers are actually being used within the enterprise.

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The Mathematics of Adaptive Security

Posted by Matthew Glenn Follow 0 Followers on  Nov 01, 2015

Enterprise security teams are charged with maintaining the “perfect” set of security policies. In their pursuit of the perfect security policy, they are often the department of slow. 1


Beyond Blacklisting: Cyberdefense in the Era of Advanced Persistent Threats

Posted by Kyle Salous Follow 0 Followers , Aaron Beuhring Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 17, 2015

In this article, authors discuss the security vulnerabilities in software applications, the advantages whitelisting approach provides and how to implement the whitelisting security policies. 1