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GitHub’s Phil Haack on Moving from Engineering to Management by Phil Haack Posted on Oct 04, 2016 In this podcast, Wes Reisz, chair of the QCon conferences in San Francisco, London and New York talks to Phil Haack, an Engineering Director at GitHub focused on software pushed mostly to the desktop. He’s shipping software like GitHub Desktop, GitHub Extensions for Visual Studio, and the Atom text editor. Phil joined GitHub in 2011 and is a prominent member of the .Net community.

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Atom 1.9 Beta Brings Better Performance, Drag and Drop Tab Layout, and More by Sergio De Simone Posted on Jun 08, 2016

Atom Text Editor 1.7 Released, with MRU Tab Switching by James Chesters Posted on Apr 18, 2016

The RAML Workgroup Announces RAML 1.0 and API Workbench by Abel Avram Posted on Nov 04, 2015

Ionide is a New Atom-based F# IDE Written in F# by Sergio De Simone Posted on Sep 29, 2015

Series On Available Authentication Mechanisms For OData Services And Clients by Dilip Krishnan Posted on Jul 24, 2010

Microsoft Has Released OData SDK and “Dallas” CTP 2 by Abel Avram Posted on Mar 24, 2010

Is OData The Ubiquitous Language For Application Collaboration? by Dilip Krishnan Posted on Feb 02, 2010

GET-only REST Integration Patterns Blur The Line Between Synchronization And Integration by Dilip Krishnan Posted on Oct 29, 2009

Presentation: AtomServer: The Power of Publishing for Data Distribution by Abel Avram Posted on Jun 04, 2009 1

Presentation: Ian Robinson on REST, Atom and AtomPub by Stefan Tilkov Posted on May 04, 2009 2

The Web, The Browser And AtomPub by Dilip Krishnan Posted on Apr 29, 2009

Presentation: Google Data API (GData) by Dave West Posted on Apr 24, 2009 1

Is The Atom Publishing Protocol A Failure? by Dilip Krishnan Posted on Apr 22, 2009

Interview: Tim Bray on the Future of the Web by Dio Synodinos Posted on Mar 23, 2009 15

Presentation: Dan Diephouse on Building your next service with the Atom Publishing Protocol by Stefan Tilkov Posted on Nov 27, 2008

Introducing the Microsoft Sync Framework (Again) by Jonathan Allen Posted on Oct 27, 2008

The Value Of Atom? by Mark Little Posted on Oct 08, 2008

AtomPub in the .NET World by Hartmut Wilms Posted on Aug 22, 2008

WfXML-R: REST based process integration by Gavin Terrill Posted on May 29, 2008 2

Apache Abdera: Atom, AtomPub, and Java by Stefan Tilkov Posted on Apr 15, 2008 1

Interview: Dan Diephouse on Atom, AtomPub, REST and Web Services by Stefan Tilkov Posted on Apr 08, 2008

Microsoft bets on Atom Publishing Protocol as the future direction for Web APIs by Hartmut Wilms Posted on Mar 04, 2008

Apache Tuscany Java 1.1 Released: SCA Meets Web 2.0 by Jean-Jacques Dubray Posted on Feb 05, 2008 1

Is XMPP the Future of Cloud Services? by Gavin Terrill Posted on Jan 28, 2008 1

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