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    How to Source Control Your Databases for DevOps

    by Jonathan Allen Follow 655 Followers on  Nov 12, 2018 2

    A robust DevOps environment requires having continuous integration for every component of the system. But far too often, the database is omitted from the equation. In this article, we discuss the unique aspects of databases, both relational and NoSQL, in a successful continuous integration environment.

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    Service Delivery Review: The Missing DevOps Feedback Loop?

    by Matthew Philip Follow 1 Followers on  Oct 28, 2018

    This article introduces the service-delivery review and answers questions like: does the team know what their customer values about their service? How can we regularly assess service fitness?

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    Adopting Continuous Delivery at teamplay, Siemens Healthineers

    by Vladyslav Ukis Follow 1 Followers , Dave Farley Follow 2 Followers on  Sep 04, 2018

    Continuous Delivery is about working in a way that keeps the system in a releasable state throughout its development. This article describes how a large software development organization at Siemens Healthineers started the transformation towards Continuous Delivery. It describes the strategy and tactics used to gradually and safely change the development process in a regulated medical domain.

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The State of DevOps in Banking – Report from DOES London 2018

Posted by Helen Beal Follow 6 Followers on  Aug 23, 2018

At the 2018 DevOps Enterprise Summit in London, a number of banks presented talks that shared their experience and learning around the principles and practice of embracing DevOps. 1

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Q&A on the Book Accelerate: Building and Scaling High Performance Technology Organizations

Posted by Dr. Nicole Forsgren Follow 0 Followers , Ben Linders Follow 29 Followers , Jez Humble Follow 13 Followers on  Jun 07, 2018

The book Accelerate explores the factors that impact software delivery performance and describes capabilities and practices that help to achieve higher levels of throughput, stability, and quality.

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Why and How Database Changes Should Be Included in the Deployment Pipeline

Posted by Eduardo Piairo Follow 2 Followers on  Jan 30, 2018

Eduardo Piairo on why databases and applications should coexist in the same deployment pipeline and goes through different scenarios and steps to achieve it. 16

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How to be Confident That Your Microservices Can Still Communicate in Production with Pact and Docker

Posted by Harry Winser Follow 1 Followers on  Dec 29, 2017

Consumer-driven contracts enable our teams at Rightmove to work independently, and be confident that their changes won’t break other services when deploying their own.

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Q&A with Eberhard Wolff On the Book “A Practical Guide to Continuous Delivery”

Posted by Dylan Raithel Follow 8 Followers on  Dec 14, 2017

InfoQ interviews Eberhard Wolff, author of Continuous Delivery: A Practical Guide, for an overview of his work on CD and some of the major concepts behind successful CD adoption in organizations.

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A 4-Step Guide to Building Continuous Security into Container Deployment

Posted by Fei Huang Follow 2 Followers on  Sep 30, 2017

Containers face security risks at every stage, from building to shipping to the run-time production phases. Securing them requires a layered strategy throughout the stack and the deployment process.

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The Top 10 Adages in Continuous Deployment

Posted by Eric Helms Follow 0 Followers , James Holman Follow 0 Followers , Mark Ghattas Follow 0 Followers , Shari Whitaker Follow 0 Followers , Chris Atlee Follow 0 Followers , Michael Stumm Follow 0 Followers , Laurie Williams Follow 0 Followers , Brendan Murphy Follow 0 Followers , Harley Boughton Follow 0 Followers , Tony Savor Follow 0 Followers , John Micco Follow 0 Followers , Andy Glover Follow 0 Followers , Chris Parnin Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 19, 2017

On the basis of discussions at the Continuous Deployment Summit, researchers derived 10 adages about continuous-deployment practices.

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Merging Agile and DevOps

Posted by James Betteley Follow 1 Followers , Matthew Skelton Follow 3 Followers on  Aug 30, 2017

The most popular agile framework, Scrum, predates the growth of DevOps, and some re-thinking is required to make the system work in a DevOps environment. 4

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DevOps Enterprise Adoption at CSG International with Erica Morrison

Posted by Manuel Pais Follow 9 Followers on  Jul 31, 2017

Erica Morrison, from CSG International, talks about their DevOps journey, key initiatives and lessons learned. 3