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    Q&A on "The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide"

    by Ben Linders Follow 29 Followers on  Oct 01, 2017

    The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide answers questions that new and experienced developers often have in advancing their careers. Topics covered vary from learning technical skills, getting a job, and dealing with managers, to doing side projects or starting your own company.

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    Q&A on The Manager‘s Path with Camille Fournier

    by Ben Linders Follow 29 Followers on  Apr 18, 2017

    In the book The Manager’s Path, Camille Fournier explores managing engineers and what it takes to be a technical manager. She describes the different roles which form the path from mentors and tech leads to senior engineering management, discusses the challenges of technical leadership and provides advice on how to deal with them.

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    Q&A with John Sonmez on His Book on Soft Skills

    by Ben Linders Follow 29 Followers on  Jan 03, 2015

    The book “Soft Skills - The software developer's life manual” addresses interesting topics for professional software developers. The book aims to help developers to become better programmers, more valuable employees, and happier and healthier people. An interview with John Sonmez on managing careers, remote working, mentoring, getting more work done, negotiating salaries and positive thinking.

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An Agile Talent Development and Adaptive Career Framework

Posted by Pat Reed Follow 0 Followers on  Oct 19, 2012

As organizations adopt agile practices and techniques they often find that existing talent management approaches need to adapt to the more collaborative ways of working. Pat suggests ways to do this. 1


Book Review: Making it Big in Software

Posted by Dave West Follow 3 Followers on  Oct 28, 2010

Sam Lightstone's book is a guide for becoming a software professional. Mixing interviews, commentary, and advice Sam Lightstone suggests how you can "become great" while advancing your career. 1


Finding an Agile Employer

Posted by Angela Druckman Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 31, 2010

If you want a job in Agile software development, using a framework like Scrum, you need a plan of action that spans all three phases of your job search: preparation, interviewing, and assessment. 12