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Wendy Closson on Mindfulness and Algorithmic Approaches to Communicating with Wendy Closson Posted on Jul 11, 2016 In this week's podcast, Barry Burd talks with Wendy Closson. With over a decade of experience immersed in development and championing agile practices, Closson coaches technology leaders to manage effectively, respond reasonably, and navigate the choppy waters of business. Closson's presentation at QCon New York was entitled Syntactic Sugar for English: Pragmatic Eloquence.

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InfoQ eMag: Designing Your Culture This eMag brings together a number of articles that explore ways to consciously design your culture, how to nurture and grow attitudes of craftsmanship and professionalism in teams, how to create places which are great to work in that get great outcomes, and how to make a profit.
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