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To serve you better, this year we are filming all the tracks at QCon and publishing them for registered attendees-only to watch within DAYS of QCon San Francisco. Now you can choose what session to go to and see any you missed!

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The Evolution of Machine Learning from Science to Software [No permission to publish] Jeff Hammerbacher
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Tuning Keith Adams The Present and Future of the Web Platform Brendan Eich

Day 1 - Monday, November 11

TRACK Architectures you've always wondered about
How Netflix architects for survival Jeremy Edberg
Data & Infrastructure at Airbnb Brenden Matthews Scaling AncestryDNA using Hadoop and HBase Bill Yetman,Jeremy Pollack How a Small Team Scales Instagram Mike Krieger Scaling Pinterest Yash Nelapati,Marty Weiner
From Code to Monkeys: Continuous Delivery at Netflix Dianne Marsh Scaling the Operations Organization at Facebook Pedro Canahuati Adopting Continuous Delivery: Adjusting your Architecture Rachel Laycock Test Automation at Google Scale Jason Leyba
TRACK Demystifying the API Lifecycle
What Makes a Great API? John Musser
API Security and Federation Patterns Francois Lascelles Evolution of the Netflix API Ben Christensen Redesigning PayPal APIs for scale and simplicity Deepak Nadig,Praveen Alavilli How to expose Reliable, Scalable and Secure Enterprise APIs? Blake Dournaee
Rethinking WebApps [No permission to publish] John Hammink
API-Driven Development for both ends Jakub Nesetril noBackend as a political movement Parker Higgins One Backend Per User: 100% data privacy / 0 scaling issues Michiel B. de Jong
TRACK Tomorrow's Developer Tools
My other Internet is a Mirage Anil Madhavapeddy
Core.async - Communicating Sequential Processes using Channels, in Clojure Rich Hickey Xiki: GUI and Text Interfaces are Converging Craig Muth Scale effects and other stories Crista Lopes Exploring the Future of Web Tooling with Brackets Narciso Jaramillo
Troubleshooting Live Java Web Applications Ashley Puls Performance Testing Crash Course Dustin Whittle Introducing WAS Liberty Profile Tom Banks Hybrid Mobile Development with Java & HTML5 for iOS and Android Joe Huang Using HTML5 in the sales funnel to boost sales Chris Stetson

Day 2 - Tuesday, November 12

Data Science for Hire Ed Gloria Lau Large-Scale Social Recommender Systems at LinkedIn Mitul Tiwari
Large Scale Systems at Google - YouTube & Google Play [No permission to publish] Hrishikesh Aradhye
Building A Production Machine Learning Infrastructure Josh Wills
Build Your Own PaaS the Netflix Way! Sudhir Tonse Comparing and Choosing Cloud Vendors Debu Panda Summly Eugene Ciurana How Zynga handles Monitoring at Scale in its hybrid zCloud Matt West
Enabling Java in Latency Sensitive Environments Gil Tene Java vs. C/C++ Performance Panel Gil Tene,Martin Thompson,Keith Adams Java Marshalling: A Performance Approach Todd Montgomery
Java 8 : Functional Performance [No permission to publish] Mike Duigou
TRACK Making Virtual and Remote Teams Shine
Culture and Happiness in Virtual teams Floyd Marinescu
A Case Study in Agile UX Design for a Distributed Team Jennifer Hayes, Adam Archer High Performance Virtual Teams - Oxymoron or Necessity? Ashley Johnson A mixed remote/inhouse team can be better than the sum of its parts Dana Caulder No Formula for This Tom Santero
Conquering the uncanny valley: making web apps as smooth as native Andrew Betts Lessons from building LinkedIn Mobile - HTML5 & Node.js Kiran Prasad The Facebook Mobile Release Process Christian Legnitto Common Security Pitfalls for Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Kevin Watkins,Steve Hanna
Realizing the promise of APIs Reza Shafii Refactoring in the distributed version control system (DVCS) age Pablo Santos Data Movement at Very Large Scale Hans Jespersen The Coming of Age of Internal API Management Blake Dournaee Introducing Spring XD Mark Pollack

Day 3 - Wednesday, November 13

Reactive REST Jafar Husain The Secret Life of a Mathematica Expression David Leibs Deconstructing Functional Programming Gilad Bracha C++: The Good Parts Jordan DeLong
TRACK Engineering Culture - how to build, organize and fuel the best engineering team possible
Building a Culture Where Software Projects Get Done Greg Brockman
Growing GitHub to 250 Zach Holman Scaling engineering culture at Twitter Raffi Krikorian Evolving culture and values Pedram Keyani Addressing the Power Shift in Engineering Recruiting Pete Soderling
Samza: Real-time Stream Processing at LinkedIn Chris Riccomini Big Data Platform as a Service at Netflix Jeff Magnusson REEF: Retainable Evaluator Execution Framework Rusty Sears
Apache Giraph [No permission to publish] Eli Reisman
TRACK Next Generation HTML5 and JavaScript
Building URL-Driven Web Apps with Ember.js Tom Dale
Advanced front-end debugging Panos Astithas Managing JavaScript Complexity Jarrod Overson Meteor -Web Development Like You've Never Seen Matt Debergalis Reactive Javascript at Netflix Jafar Husain
TRACK Scalability, Availability, and Performance: Putting It All Together
Top 10 - Performance Folklore Martin Thompson
Top 10 Performance Gotchas in scaling in-memory Algorithms SriSatish Ambati Scalability at KIXEYE Randy Shoup Delivering Performance Under Schedule and Resource Pressure Ivan Filho Life with a Hybrid Architecture Andrew Fong
Keeping Application Data Highly Available for your Customers Michael Kovacs Take your website from the Information Super Highway to the Information Super Jet stream Eric Perret

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