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Gabrielle Benefield on Outcomes Based Contracting and the Mobius Model by Gabrielle Benefield Posted on Apr 10, 2014 Gabrielle Benefield talks about the use of Outcomes Based Contracts and examines how an outcomes focus reduces risk and improves results in contractual relationships. She talks about leading metrics which can be used to ensure the outcomes are being met. She presents a simple yet powerful model named Mobius which supports constant discovery and feedback

Gabrielle Benefield on Flexible Contracts by Gabrielle Benefield Posted on Dec 30, 2013 Gabby Benefield has spent much of the last three years working on a contracting model that is outcomes focused and allows customers and suppliers to overcome the barriers inherent in most contracts. The most common contracting models in use today (fixed scope or time-and-materials) actually increase risk in software development. She has worked with IT lawyer Susan Atkinson to develop an alternate 1

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Collaboration Over Contracts in Agile “Offshore” Outsourced Development by Craig Larman Posted on Jun 16, 2011 Craig Larman explains the internal workings of a customer-supplier relationship, advising on how to proceed to ensure an offshore Agile development that is fulfilling for both parties. 8

Leading From A Position Of No Power: A Customer’s Perspective of an Agile Team by Alexia Bowers Posted on Oct 30, 2007 Last year Agile coach Alexia Bowers walked a mile in a project customer's shoes, and told us how it felt in this Agile2006 Leadership Summit presentation. She stressed the need to strive for creative solutions instead of simply cutting scope.

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