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  • ModelMapper: An Object To Object Mapping Library

    ModelMapper is an object to object mapping library that eliminates repeatable code for copying objects from one representation to another. By looking at property names it can perform an automatic mapping or hints can be defined that describe precisely the mapping process. It is inspired from AutoMapper which is a similar library for .NET

  • Multithreading and WPF 4.5

    WPF 4.5 has improved its support for multi-threaded data binding, but the technique is still risky. This report attempts to explain how it works and what’s involved in using it safely.

  • SpringSource Releases Spring Data Redis 1.0.0

    SpringSource has recently released Spring Data Redis, an abstraction over the existing Java Redis libraries that offers a unified API and easier Java Object serialization for Spring based applications.

  • Binding Enhancements in WPF 4.5

    Though it isn’t in the spotlight any more, WPF still continues to be a key-stone for rich client development on Windows. With full access to the .NET libraries and the underlying operating system, no other HTML or .NET-based UI technology can match it. Recognizing its importance, Microsoft is continuing to invest in improving WPF and especially its binding capabilities.

  • Roundup of String to Java Object Conversion Libraries

    Stephen Colebourne, of Joda Time fame, ignited a small debate when he released Joda Convert: a Java library to convert basic Objects to and from Strings using annotations. InfoQ surveys the options when transforming from one format to another.

  • Fixing Data Binding Problems in WPF/Silverlight

    The data binding in WPF and Silverlight is amazing in all regards. Its power and flexibility are beyond compare. Unfortunately its resistance to traditional debugging techniques is equally impressive for the wrong reasons. There is no way to really step through the data binding process, but we collected some other techniques that developers may find useful.

  • Service Orientation Requires Data Orientation

    Any SOA implementation relies heavily on the enterprise data used by services. In a series of new posts, Ash Parikh, Informatica’s Real time products strategist, discusses the role data orientation plays in SOA and provides some practical recommendations on how to implement it.

  • Article: Schema for Web Services – Part I: Basic Datatypes

    Most web service developers rely on a data binding conversion layer within a web service to work directly with data structures in their programming language of choice - but this causes a number of problems. In the first of a series of articles that look at these problems, Dennis Sosnoski starts at the most basic level, looking at simple data types and the issues that arise from mapping them.

  • The ADO.NET Entity Framework Sparks a Debate

    A recent blog post written by Danny Simmons, a Microsoft ADO.NET developer, about the ADO.NET Entity Framework has started a series of reactions about the respective topic.

  • Article: "Code First" Web Services Reconsidered

    In a new InfoQ article, Dennis Sosnoski questions the conventional wisdom that a contract-first approach to web services development, i.e. starting from WSDL, is superior to starting from code. He shows how the JiBX framework can be used to practice start-from-code development without incurring the disadvantages, specifically without coupling implementation and interface too tightly.

  • Billy Hollis on the Future of Software Development

    Infoq sits down with Billy Hollis to talk about the state of the .NET world and sofware development. Billy talks about topics from Data Access to 3D interfaces.

  • BLINQ Web Application Generator

    The BLINQ demo allows developers to quickly develop CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) style applications. With one command, an entire web site with insert, list, and detail pages is created.

  • ADO.NET vNext: Entity Data Model Designer Prototype Available

    The ADO.NET team has released a demo of their Entity Data Model Designer. This tool demonstrates some of the Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) features planned for ADO.NET vNext.

  • C24 Creates Process for XQuery over non-XML without intermediary XML

    Financial integration tool vendor C24 has added a unique XQuery optimization to their Integration Objects product that allows full XML XQuery and XSLT capabilities on non-XML documents without the overhead of first converting those non-xml documents into instances of XML.

  • 1st Draft of XML Schema Patterns for Common Data Structures Released

    The W3C has published a first public working draft of XML Schema Patterns for Common Data Structures, a set of data types, structures and schema patterns to increase Web services interoperability.