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  • AWS Introduces Amazon EventBridge Scheduler

    AWS recently introduced Amazon EventBridge Scheduler, a new capability from Amazon EventBridge that allows organizations to create, run, and manage scheduled tasks at scale.

  • Microsoft Releases Stream Analytics No-Code Editor into General Availability

    During the Ignite Conference, Microsoft released Azure Stream Analytics no-code editor, a drag-and-drop canvas for developing jobs for stream processing scenarios such as streaming ETL, ingestion, and materializing data to data into general availability. The no-code editor is hosted in the company’s big-data streaming platform and event ingestion service, Azure Event Hubs.

  • Confluent Ships Stream Designer Democratizing Data Streams

    Confluent recently released Stream Designer, a visual interface that lets developers quickly build and deploy streaming data pipelines.

  • Fitting Presto to Large-Scale Apache Kafka at Uber

    The need for ad-hoc real-time data analysis has been growing at Uber. They run a large Apache Kafka deployment and need to analyse data going through the many workflows it supports. Solutions like stream processing and OLAP datastores were deemed unsuitable. An article was published recently detailing why Uber chose Presto for this purpose and what it had to do to make it performant at scale.

  • Amazon Rekognition Introduces Streaming Video Events

    AWS recently announced the general availability of Streaming Video Events, a new feature of Amazon Rekognition to provide real-time alerts on live video streams.

  • Quine Aims to Simplify Event Processing on Data in Motion

    Developed at thatDot, Quine is an open source streaming graph solution aimed at high-volume event processing. Quine combines graph data and streaming technologies to enable the creation of real-time, complex event processing workflows at scale, says thatDot.

  • AWS Launches Amazon Kinesis Data Streams On-Demand

    Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is a fully-managed, serverless service on AWS for real-time processing of streamed data at a massive scale. Recently, the company released a new capacity mode On-demand for the service, which eliminates capacity provisioning and management for streaming workloads.

  • Real-Time Exactly-Once Event Processing at Uber with Apache Flink, Kafka, and Pinot

    Uber faced some challenges after introducing ads on UberEats. The events they generated had to be processed quickly, reliably and accurately. These requirements were fulfilled by a system based on Apache Flink, Kafka, and Pinot that can process streams of ad events in real-time with exactly-once semantics. An article describing its architecture was published recently in the Uber Engineering blog.

  • Microsoft Announces Event Hubs Premium in Preview

    Azure Event Hubs is Microsoft’s managed real-time event ingestion service designed to serve demanding big data streaming and event ingestion needs in the Cloud. Microsoft announced the public preview of Event Hubs Premium during the annual Build conference as a new product SKU tailor-made for high-end event streaming scenarios requiring elastic, superior performance with predictable latency.

  • Hazelcast Jet 4.4 Released - the Four-Year Anniversary Release as Seen by Scott McMahon

    Hazelcast Jet recently celebrated its four-year anniversary with the release of version 4.4. Besides the normal bug fixes and performance enhancements, this new version ships with new features such as the unified file connector and the first beta version of the SQL interface. InfoQ spoke to Scott McMahon, technical director of field engineering at Hazelcast, about this new release.

  • Confluent Announces Strategic Alliance with Microsoft

    Confluent, the company of the founders of Apache Kafka, recently announced a new strategic alliance between them and Microsoft to enable a more integrated experience between Confluent Cloud and the Azure platform.

  • Google Announces Eventarc in Preview

    In a recent blog post, Google announced Eventarc, a new events functionality that allows customers to trigger Cloud Run from more than 60 Google Cloud sources. With Eventarc, customers can build event-driven applications and take care of event ingestion, delivery, security, authorization, observability, and error handling.

  • Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Gains Delivery to HTTP Endpoints

    Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose recently gained support to deliver streaming data to generic HTTP endpoints. This also enables additional AWS services as destinations via Amazon API Gateway's service integration. The new capability is complemented with dedicated integrations of additional third-party service providers like Datadog, MongoDB, and New Relic.

  • AWS Releases Amazon Timestream into General Availability

    AWS recently announced the general availability of Amazon Timestream, a serverless purpose-built database that exposes time-series data through SQL. With Amazon Timestream, customers can save time and costs in managing the lifecycle of time series data by keeping recent data in memory and moving historical data to a cost-optimized storage tier based on user-defined policies.

  • Infinite Storage & Retention for Apache Kafka in Confluent Cloud

    Confluent, Inc. recently announced the Infinite Storage option for its standard and dedicated clusters. This offering is a part of the Project Metamorphosis initiative, which is focused on enabling Kafka with modern cloud properties. Organizations can have a centralized platform for all event data for real-time actioning and historical analysis with limitless storage and retention.