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  • Npm Bans Packages Which Display Ads via Its Command Line Interface

    npm, Inc., the company behind the popular eponymous JavaScript package manager, will no longer allow packages which display ads. Developers will be able to silence terminal messages which push ads or call for donations, and which stem from the regular use of the npm command line interface.

  • Comparing Product to Project Funding

    An exploration of recent thinking around product vs project funding. We look at a number of recent articles reflecting views on a product-centric focus by ThoughtWorks' Sriram Narayan , Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX Author, and Leon Tranter.

  • DigitalOcean Receives $50 Million in Funding

    DigitalOcean, a young cloud hosting company based in New York has secured a funding of $50 million.

  • Working with Investors as a Lean Startup

    Entrepreneurs using lean startup can work with investors to raise capital for their business. Business plans from lean startups often differ from traditional startups and lean startup encourages learning from failure and to pivot, which might scare off investors. Can entrepreneurs and investors together use the lean startup approach to do fundraising?

  • Java In-Memory Grid Hazelcast gets VC Funding from Bain Capital

    Open source in-memory data grid company Hazelcast received funding from Bain Capital Ventures. Joining the board of the company are Rod Johnson (founder of SpringSource), Salil Deshpande (a prominent venture capitalist who focuses heavily on open source and software infrastructure) and Ali Kutay (former CEO of WebLogic).

  • Business Case for SOA

    One of the prerequisites for successful SOA implementation is an understanding of the business problem that will be solved and building a business case for the implementation.

  • The State of Enterprise Architecture

    As organizations continue to grow their IT investments (bought, borrowed, or built) and concepts like Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture become more common, the role of Enterprise Architecture (EA) has become more common. Recently, several people in the EA community have spoken about its current state.

  • Presentation: Anne Thomas Manes on the Business Value of SOA

    In this presentation, recorded at QCon, Burton Group research director Anne Thomas Manes talks about how to make the business case for SOA. Her talk covers explaining SOA to non-technical business people, various approaches for selling SOA to management and gaining funding for SOA investments.