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Quickly Build Spring Boot Applications to Consume Public Cloud Services

Posted by Colin Stevenson  on  Jun 22, 2018 Posted by Colin Stevenson Follow 0 Followers , Prasad Bopardikar Follow 0 Followers  on  Jun 22, 2018

Prasad Bopardikar , Colin Stevenson discuss creating Spring Boot apps that can be deployed on PCF on various public clouds.

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Machine Intelligence at Google Scale

Posted by Guillaume LaForge  on  Jun 01, 2018 Posted by Guillaume LaForge Follow 1 Followers  on  Jun 01, 2018

Guillaume LaForge presents pre-trained ML services such as Cloud Vision API and Speech API that works without any training, introducing Cloud AutoML.

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Avoiding That $1M Dollar AWS Bill

Posted by Mark Michael  on  May 24, 2018 Posted by Mark Michael Follow 0 Followers , Glenn Oppegard Follow 0 Followers  on  May 24, 2018

Mark Michael and Glenn Oppegard share their experience moving a PCF application from AWS to GCP.

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Logistics as a Service: Building the Ocado Smart Platform

Posted by Paul Sweetman  on  Apr 14, 2018 Posted by Paul Sweetman Follow 1 Followers , Alex Harvey Follow 1 Followers  on  Apr 14, 2018

Paul Sweetman and Alex Harvey discuss how Ocado Technology has built The Ocado Smart Platform, a scalable, AWS-based microservices architecture, combined with GCP analytics and a robotics grid.

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Real-Time Decisions Using ML on the Google Cloud Platform

Posted by Carlos Garcia  on  Apr 14, 2018 Posted by Carlos Garcia Follow 0 Followers , Przemyslaw Pastuszka Follow 0 Followers  on  Apr 14, 2018

Przemyslaw Pastuszka and Carlos Garcia present how Big Data is handled in Google Cloud Platform to build an end-to-end machine learning pipeline.

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Power of Google Cloud Platform with Spring Cloud GCP

Posted by João Martins  on  Apr 09, 2018 Posted by João Martins Follow 0 Followers , Mark Fisher Follow 2 Followers  on  Apr 09, 2018

Mark Fisher and João Martins discuss using the Spring Cloud adapters for GCP to develop cloud native applications.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Google Machine Learning, and Spring

Posted by Brian Gregory  on  Mar 18, 2018 Posted by Brian Gregory Follow 1 Followers , Brian Jimerson Follow 1 Followers  on  Mar 18, 2018

Brian Gregory, Brian Jimerson introduce the GCP Service Broker on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and the Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs demonstrating a Spring application using the Machine Learning APIs.

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Scaling Your Swagger-Based Web API with Google Cloud Endpoints

Posted by Guillaume LaForge  on  Jun 03, 2017 Posted by Guillaume LaForge Follow 1 Followers  on  Jun 03, 2017

Guillaume Laforge presents some of the options and technical solutions to build a scalable API solution using Google Cloud.

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Scio: Moving Big Data to Google Cloud, a Spotify Story

Posted by Neville Li  on  May 26, 2017 Posted by Neville Li Follow 0 Followers  on  May 26, 2017

Neville Li tells the Spotify’s story of migrating their big data infrastructure to Google Cloud, replacing Hive and Scalding with BigQuery and Scio, which helped them iterate faster.

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Hybrid Code-Gen: Designing Cloud Service Client Libraries

Posted by Jon Skeet  on  May 06, 2017 Posted by Jon Skeet Follow 5 Followers  on  May 06, 2017

Jon Skeet discusses using hybrid code generating to create cloud client libraries in a way that does not affect the future evolution of a service API.

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Google Cloud Platform for the Enterprise

Posted by Jay Marshall  on  Sep 17, 2016 Posted by Jay Marshall Follow 0 Followers , Vic Iglesias Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 17, 2016

Jay Marshall and Vic Iglesias talk about how GCP was built for the enterprise, enabling users to deploy their applications on the same infrastructure Google uses for search, YouTube or GMail.

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In the Workshop with GCP, & Cloud Foundry

Posted by Eric Johnson  on  Sep 07, 2016 Posted by Eric Johnson Follow 0 Followers , Christopher Grant Follow 0 Followers  on  Sep 07, 2016

Christopher Grant and Eric Johnson talk about Home Depot's experience in piloting Spring apps running in Pivotal Cloud Foundry on top of Google Cloud Platform.

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