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  • Agile Tracks at Qcon in London in March

    QCon, to be held in London March 12-16 2007, is a conference for the Enterprise Software Development Community. Organized jointly by and JAOO, it builds on 10 years of JAOO experience running conferences in Denmark. Two Agile tracks, including a full day of Open Space, complement the 11 other tracks addressing languages, architecture, case studies and the banking business domain.

  • Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas, Werner Vogels to speak at QCon London

    Since our last announcement, the QCon conference, InfoQ and JAOO's new annual joint conference in London (March 12-16), has been making a lot of progress. The tracks have been defined, more speakers have committed to joining, and it's looking like QCon could become an important world-wide annual event.

  • Announcing QCon: New conference in London, UK, March 12-16, by InfoQ and JAOO

    A new enterprise software development conference is starting this year in London, UK, March 12-16th 2007. QCon, the InfoQ and JAOO conference, aims to become an annual event providing a venue for learning, networking, and tracking innovation in the Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, and Agile communities with additional tracks on architecture & design, Ajax, IT in Finance, and more.

  • Panelists: Business Alignment the only thing NEW about SOA

    At the JAOO conference a discussion panel of SOA personalities including Gregor Hophe (integration patterns, Google), Beat Schwegler (Microsoft), Ivo Totev (SAP), Frank Buschmann (POSA books), and Iona's Steve Vinoski agreed that business alignment is the only thing NEW about SOA. Amazon's Chief Architect Werner Vogels also attended and made similar comments.