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  • Oracle Calls for JavaOne Papers

    Oracle has announced the call for JavaOne papers for the re-scheduled conference, which will now run alongside Oracle OpenWorld from September 19-23 2010. The closing date for submissions is March 14, 2010.

  • Sun Launches Java App Store Beta at JavaOne

    During the first General Session of JavaOne 2009 Sun's Jonathan Schwartz and James Gossling launched the public beta of its new Java App Store.

  • SpringSource's Ben Alex Details Emerging Standards in Application Security

    At JavaOne 2008 conference, Ben Alex from SpringSource talked about emerging security requirements in enterprise applications. He discussed the standards like Servlet Security, JAAS, CAPTCHA, Single Sign-On and Federated Identity using OpenID technology. The presentation also included the standards on securing web services (WS-Security), JMS messaging and ESB.

  • JavaOne Semantic Web Panel

    In this JavaOne panel session, speaker shared their experiences and opinions on the current state of semantic web technologies.

  • JavaOne: Garbage First

    In a JavaOne presentation, Sun Microsystems’ Tony Printezis provided more details on Garbage First, a replacement for the CMS garbage collector particularly targeted at long running server applications.

  • JavaOne 2008 Day 2 - Bean Validation Presentation and Oracle Fusion Middleware Preview

    On day 2 of JavaOne 2008 conference, Emmanuel Bernard talked about Bean Validation framework (JSR 303). The goal of this specification is to provide a uniform way to express and implement the constraints in java applications. Earlier in the day, Oracle team previewed the upcoming features of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g.

  • JavaFX at JavaOne 2008

    So far, JavaOne has been heavy on JavaFX content. It is clear that a lot of work has been done since the initial announcement at last year’s conference. Although, the technologies do not appear to be ready for the typical developer.

  • SCA and JBI, Best of Both Worlds?

    At JavaOne 2008, Jos Dirksen and Tijs Rademakers talked about using Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Java Business Integration</a> (JBI) frameworks together to get the best of both worlds. Using a sample application, they explained how to deploy an SCA application on a JBI container. In another SCA related session, Mike Edwards gave an overview of SCA architecture model.

  • JavaOne 2008 Day 1 - JavaFX, OSGi, and Android Smoke and Mirrors

    JavaOne kicked off Tuesday in San Francisco with a keynote largely centered on JavaFX. OSGi also made an appearance with the keynote highlighting of the new Glassfish micro-kernel being 98k in size.

  • Catching up with Closures for Java

    Neal Gafter recently gave a presentation at JavaOne and Jazoon '07 entitled "Closures for Java". The presentation is an accessible but thorough introduction to closures, the goals, the problem with existing solutions, all presented in a conversational style.

  • The Consumer Java Runtime Environment in Detail

    On May 8th, 2007, Ethan Nicholas and Dennis Gu announced the Consumer JRE at JavaOne. Since JavaOne, Ethan Nicholas and Chet Haase have released additional details about the Consumer JRE, including these elements: Quickstarter, Java Kernel, Deployment Toolkit, Installer Improvements, Windows Graphics Performance, Nimbus Look and Feel.

  • Building Domain-Specific Languages in JRuby

    Closing out the Java One conference last week was Rob Harrop's presentation "Exploiting JRuby: Building Domain-Specific Languages for the Java Virtual Machine." Domain specific languages (DSLs) have been gaining popularity, as shown on InfoQ with a presentation on an introduction to domain specific languages by Martin Fowler and posts on the debates in the blogsphere.

  • Exploring Event Driven Architectures with Esper

    At Java One Thomas Bernhardt and Alexandre Vasseur explained the concepts of event driven application servers and the Esper project. Event driven application servers are a new category of servers, proving a runtime and supporting infrastructure services (transport, security, event journaling, high availability, connectors, etc.) to servers designed to be able to process over 100,000 events/sec.

  • Is OSGi the Solution for Mobile Java?

    Java ME developers face many obstacles that server-side or desktop Java developers never have to contend with. Nokia, Sprint, and IBM teamed for a JavaOne session that outlined a solution to these problems through an service-oriented architecture based on OSGi

  • JBI 2.0 at JavaOne

    Sun unveils JBI 2.0 technical committee which has its first face-to-face meeting at JavaOne and follows up with a full evening of JBI related events.


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