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  • eBay Announces

    After a teaser with clues last week, Subbu and the engineering team at eBay have unveiled, a SQL inspired dsl to enable frictionless composition of web API's with a SQL like syntax.

  • New Version of Bing AJAX Map is targeted for Mobile Devices

    The new version of the Bing AJAX Map Control version 7 is one third the size of the previous version, a huge win for web sites that cater to mobile device users. Controls have been reduced in size and given HTML 5 support. There have also been performance improvements for multiple-point rendering.

  • Trends for Architectures that Provide Value for Business in Challenging Year of 2009

    The beginning of the year is often conducive to formulating predictions about the trends that are likely to gain momentum in the coming year. Along with many others, Samuel Greengard and Dion Hinchcliffe came to suggest their list of technologies and approaches that will help architects providing value in this year 2009, at the crossroad of economic crisis and expansion of Web 2.0.

  • JackBe Offers Free Developer Edition of Presto Mashup Platform

    JackBe, an enterprise mashup software provider, announced last week the availability of free Developer Edition of Presto Enterprise Mashup Platform. This is a community version of Presto Enterprise Mashup software which can be used to create and publish the mashup components. The product suite also includes a Mashup Server, An Eclipse-based Mashup Studio IDE and Mashup Composers.

  • Enterprise Web Conf: WOI, REST, and Mashups in New York Oct 28 & London Oct 30

    InfoQ and have teamed up to bring you a one-day conference covering the emerging theory and practices behind RESTful SOA and Enterprise Mashups, called the 'Enterprise Web'. The event covers the emerging trends of web oriented integration/architecture, web as a platform, mashups, REST, and more.

  • SPARQL Update to Complete RESTful SOA Scenario

    The Linking Open Data Community Project has accomplished a global RESTful SOA giving access to over two billion interlinked statements (RDF triples) from some 50 distributed providers with one serious limitation: this stunning network provides read access only. The upcoming SPARQL Update language is going to overcome this.

  • Security for Services and Mashups

    Security has become a rising concern in most applications and systems today. Whether you are building small mashups, enterprise applications, or a platform for SOA, there are several issues and approaches that are being discussed. Erica Naone talked about dealing with security in the world of mashups recently while Bob Rhubart and David Garrison from BEA discussed securing the services you deploy.

  • WebSphere Updates: sMash, eXtreme Scale, Virtual Enterprise, Business Events

    At IBM IMPACT this week, IBM announced a several new and re-randed upgraded products dealing with virtualization (Virtual Enterprise), clustering & caching (eXtreme Scale), complex event processing (Business Events), and RESTful web apps (sMash). InfoQ spoke to various execs and product managers to find out more.

  • Cool URIs in a RESTful World

    What might this be: "envisioned as a decentralised world-wide information space for sharing machine-readable data with a minimum of integration costs"? Is this about REST? Nope. According to SWEO, it is about the Semantic Web. Cool URIs will help making this way. So it might be worth looking whether RESTful SOA URIs can also be "cool".

  • OASIS Symposium: Composability within SOA

    OASIS is going to hold a 3 day symposium on the topic of "Composability within SOA" in Santa Clara, CA from April 28th to April 30th. Engineers and Scientists from vendors and end-user companies will discuss topics including mashups, Service-Oriented Ajax, SCA, BPEL, SDO, BPM, Web Service Transactions, Data Security in SOA, SOA Reference Architecture...

  • A New Way to Write Mashups in IE

    Microsoft is creating a new way to write mashup-like functionality with what they call "Activities". Rather than being defined within a specific page, users can launch the same set of Activities regardless of what page they are on. The specifications for these have been released under Creative Commons and include patent protection, making them available to other web browser vendors.

  • Interview: IBM CTO Jerry Cuomo on REST & Project Zero

    IBM Fellow and WebSphere CTO Jerry Cuomo talks about REST and Project Zero, IBM's new Groovy & PHP based RESTful app mashup / scripting / dev tool.

  • Pattie Maes on Ambient Intelligence

    At OOPSLA 2007, Pattie Maes gave an interesting talk about the MIT ambient intelligence projects. One project, ReachMedia, was particularly interesting from an architectural, mashup and social networking perspective.

  • Presentation: Rod Smith - Mash-ups Meet the Enterprise

    In this presentation recorded at JAOO, IBM's Rod Smith discusses the read/write web, and discusses how the approach known as "Mashups" might be used in enterprise scenarios for "do-it-yourself" IT.

  • Platt on Web 2.0 and SOA

    Microsoft Architect Michael Platt describes the challenges and opportunities of combining the SOA and Web 2.0 models.