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InfoQ Homepage News Article: SimpleTicket Railway Story

Article: SimpleTicket Railway Story

A 5-year old, Dallas-based company named Spur is gaining attention and kudos within Ruby on Rails circles. Earlier this week it announced a new release of its popular GPL'd IT support tool named SimpleTicket. Managing Partner Alexander Muse was kind enough to share the story of SimpleTicket with InfoQ, which I believe provides valuable insight into progress and innovation enjoyed by Ruby on Rails advocates and paints a vivid picture of a dynamic, modern startup.

In the first installment of our Railway Story series, we examine the path taken by Spur as they determined the need for a custom solution to their problem, to their efforts with internal development, and ultimately on to their decisions about contributing back to the community via open-source.

Read InfoQ's exclusive Spur Railway Story today.

Railway Story Series

The Ruby community is somewhat different from other technology-oriented groups because we tend to spend quite a bit of time focusing on the softer side of technology issues, namely people and how our strengths and weaknesses play into effectiveness as software developers. InfoQ's Railway Story Series highlights companies making transitions into Ruby on Rails and describe both their triumphs and challenges as pioneers of an exciting new technology.

If you think a profile of your company or special project would make for a good Railway Story, please contact Obie Fernandez.

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