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InfoQ Homepage News The Spring.NET team announces Spring.NET 1.1 Preview 3

The Spring.NET team announces Spring.NET 1.1 Preview 3

Earlier this week Aleks Seovic and the Spring.NET team announced the Preview 3 Release of Spring.NET 1.1 just in time for the Spring Experience.  With this Preview release comes support for Dependency Injection in ASP.NET, ADO.NET data access, and numerous bug fixes.

The Spring.NET application framework is a spirtual port of the Spring framework for Java to .NET.  The intention is to provide a robust application framework for building enterprise .NET applications by providing access to Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming, data layer abstraction, and tight integration with ASP.NET. 

Enhancements in the Spring.NET 1.1 Preview 3 release:

  • Spring "Services" allowing .NET objects to be exported as ServicedComponents, Remoted Objects,or a Web Service
  • Transaction management abstraction supporting programmatic and declarative transactions
  • Improved expression language and data binding
  • AOP support for classes with virutal methods
  • A provider independent logging API
  • Quick start applications and updated reference documentation

Download the Preview 3 release here.

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