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Mono Migration Analyzer

Can I run my application on Mono? For developers considering writing cross-platform .NET applications, this is an important question. With the Mono Migration Analyzer, it can be answered.

Mono is a cross-platform implementation of the Common Language Runtime. It is currently supported on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix. But as is lacks support from Microsoft, the Mono team is in a constant state of playing catch-up.

In order to help you determine if the current version of Mono supports everything you need to run your .NET application, the Mono team has released a tool they call the Mono Migration Analyzer.

The Mono Migration Analyzer exams an application and compares it to the Mono library. A report is then generated indicating which functionality, if any, the application needs that aren't present in Mono yet. It also checks for P/Invoke calls, which are inherently platform specific.

Developers using this tool can also submit the results to the Mono team to help them with prioritizing future work on the runtime and libraries.

One final note, the Mono Migration Analyzer doesn't guarantee that a given application will run on the Mono platform, it is more of an indicator for potential problems. Through testing using the Mono bits is always encouraged.

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