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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Bob Martin's Principles of Agile Design

Presentation: Bob Martin's Principles of Agile Design

In a new InfoQ presentation, Bob Martin presents the first of his five "SOLID" principles of agile design, beginning with an explanation of the real purpose of object-oriented design - the management of dependencies:
I am going to make the case that software design - whether it be it object-oriented or otherwise - is really an exercise in dependency management, and that the things that go wrong with software design are dependency issues... Object-oriented design - especially applied in an agile context - gives us the tools to manage those dependencies and keep them so that the system remains non-rigid, non-fragile and reusable.
Bob takes the audience on a tour through code example as it devolves into chaos, and then reworks the code to illustrate how dependencies can be managed with abstractions, and that good designs are those in which high-level abstractions do not depend on low-level details.

"Uncle" Bob Martin helped create the Agile Manifesto, is a leading authority on Agile software development, and has authored books on Agile programming, XP, UML, object-oriented programming, and C++. Bob is the founder, CEO, and president of Object Mentor, whose professionals provide process improvement consulting, OO design consulting, training, and development services.

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