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InfoQ Homepage News Case Study: Quickly Responding to Customer Needs with Eclipse RCP

Case Study: Quickly Responding to Customer Needs with Eclipse RCP

The contract furniture industry demands software that can rapidly adapt to change.  RPC software provides ERP and project planning solutions to companies in this space. This case study takes a look at how they are using Eclipse RCP and other Eclipse technology to respond to customer needs at a rapid pace while continuing to providing a first class user experience.

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...RPC Software's customers require software that can be adapted quickly and specifically to their business needs. They also require the ability to have both robust client functionality for employees using the application on a daily basis, as well as the ability to expose reporting functionally to other levels of their business and to partners. Given these requirements of clients in their industry RPC decided to leverage open source software to provide a basis for their solutions. RPC's product lineup features a rich client ERP client/server component using Eclipse RCP and Apache Tomcat, a web based project management solution based on the open source DotProject PHP application, and a soon to be released web based CRM product that uses the open source SugarCRM as its foundation.  Eclipse RCP was chosen based on the rich functionality of the SWT/JFace widget set as well as the modular infrastructure provided by its OSGi underpinnings...

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